10 Facts about Castleton

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Find out a village located in the High Peak district in Derbyshire on Facts about Castleton. The exact location of this village is between the White Peak and Dark Peak. The latter one is situated to the north, while the former one is on the south. Based on the census conducted in 2001, there were only 649 people who lived. Get more facts about the village by reading the below post:

Facts about Castleton 1: the hills

You can find three sides of hills located around the village. It has a beautiful landscape and scenery for it spans on the western side of Hope Valley.

Facts about Castleton 2: the tourism

Tourism is one of the important sources of economy in the village. There are many visitors who love to enjoy the beauty of Castleton. You can find a lot of guest’s houses, tea shops and pubs. The visitors always feel convenient to explore the village for it is equipped with an information center, a large car park, a youth hostel and outdoor shops.

Facts about Castleton

Facts about Castleton

Facts about Castleton 3: the major walking center

People also like to take a walk in Castleton. The major walking center links on the Hollins, Mam Tor, Winnats Pass and Cave Dale.

Facts about Castleton 4: the show caves

The important site in Castleton is the show caves.  You can check them. One of the show caves features an underground boat ride. The caves will remind you with the beauty of nature.

Castleton facts

Castleton facts

Facts about Castleton 5: the parade

If you are interested to know the excellent parade in Castleton, you need to come here on 29 May. It is on the Oak Apple Day or Castleton Garland Day. Find out Caribbean facts here.

Facts about Castleton 6: the famous event

Castleton Garland Day is considered as the famous event in the village. You can find many people walking around the street wearing the large garlands of flowers. The local girls will take the flower and wear the white dress.



Facts about Castleton 7: the festive season

The festive season in Castleton is always bright and fun. You can find out wonderful decoration and display of Christmas light here.

Facts about Castleton 8: the notable people

The notable people from Castleton include a coronation street actress named Debbie Rush, the blues rock bank Drenge and the puritan actor Isaac Ambrose. Get facts about Campania here.

Castleton Image

Castleton Image

Facts about Castleton 9: Charles Roe

In 1715, Charles Roe was born in the village. He was a famous industrialist.

Facts about Castleton 10: in fiction

There are various depictions of Castleton in fictions. In Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders, the village was spotted in the episode 3.

Castleton Pic

Castleton Pic

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