10 Facts about Catalonia

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Another autonomous community in Spain in explained in Facts about Catalonia. It also earns Statute of Autonomy. There are four provinces of Catalonia. Those are Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and Barcelona. The largest city is Barcelona which also serves as the capital of Catalonia. In Spain, it is considered as the 2nd largest city. Here are other interesting facts about Catalonia:

Facts about Catalonia 1: the border of Catalonia

Let’s find out the border of Catalonia. To the east, you can spot the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. To the north, you can see France and Andorra. You can also spot the Valencia Community to the south and Aragon to the west.

Facts about Catalonia 2: the official languages

There are several official languages in Catalonia. People speak Spanish, Aranese dialect of Occitan and Catalan.

Catalonia Beach

Catalonia Beach

Facts about Catalonia 3: the symbols of Catalonia

The symbols of Catalonia are very distinctive. La Senyera is the flag of Catalonia. The symbol of the flag is based on the Counts of Barcelona’s emblem. There are four red stripes on the golden backdrop on the coat of arm.

Facts about Catalonia 4: Els Segadors

Els Segadors is the national anthem of Catalonia. In 1899, Emili Guanyavents wrote the anthem. On 25 February 1993, the song was made into an official anthem in Catalonia by law.

Catalonia facts

Catalonia facts

Facts about Catalonia 5: La Diada

La Diada is the national Day of Catalonia. The people celebrate it on the 11th day of September.

Facts about Catalonia 6: the famous event

One of the famous events in Catalonia is St George’s Day. The people have the custom to exchange roses and books. It is celebrated on 23 April.

Catalonia Tour

Catalonia Tour

Facts about Catalonia 7: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you visit Catalonia, don’t forget to view the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can visit Works of Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Sagrada Família, Barcelona, Catalan Romanesque Churches, Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco, Church of Colònia Güell, and Hospital de Sant Pau.

Facts about Catalonia 8: the area

Catalonia is occupied by 7,504,008 people based on the report in 2015. It has the area at 12,399 square miles or 32,114 km square.  Get facts about Cardiff Bay here.

Facts about Catalonia

Facts about Catalonia

Facts about Catalonia 9: the religions

The report states that 66 percent of the people who live in Catalonia call themselves as Roman Catholic people. 7 percent of them are Muslim. The agnostic or atheist ones are 29 percent of the population. Get facts about Castilla y Leon here.

Facts about Catalonia 10: the diverse climate

You can spot diverse climate in Catalonia. Continental Mediterranean climate is felt by the people who live in inland area. The people who live in the highest summit feel the Alpine climate.

Catalonia Football

Catalonia Football

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