10 Facts about Catalytic Converters

Sunday, November 1st 2015. | Technology

Find out the interesting Facts about Catalytic Converters in the below post. This device is very important to keep the environment healthy since it is functioned to control the emission. Just like its name suggested the catalytic converter is used to convert the toxic pollutants into the less toxic pollutants by performing the oxidation or reduction. The process is called a redox reaction. Check other interesting facts about catalytic converters below:

Facts about Catalytic Converters 1: the internal combustion engines

The internal combustions engines are presented too along the catalytic converters. There are two major fuels for the engine. It can be powered by the diesel fuel or gasoline fuel.

Facts about Catalytic Converters 2: the automobile industry

The automobile market in United States introduced the usage of the catalytic converter for the first time. Get facts about cars here.

Facts about Catalytic Converters

Facts about Catalytic Converters

Facts about Catalytic Converters 3: the catalytic converter for the vehicles

The 1975 model year of the gasoline powered vehicles should be equipped with a catalytic converter to make it comply the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s stricter regulation of exhaust emission.

Facts about Catalytic Converters 4: the two ways converters

Do you know how the two ways converters work?  The oxygen will be combined with HC or unburned hydrocarbons and CO or carbon monoxide.  Then H2O or water and CO2 or carbon dioxide will be produced as a result of the conversion. Get facts about carbon monoxide here.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters

Facts about Catalytic Converters 5: the three way converter

The three way converter was introduced in 1981 which made the two way converter out of date. The three way converter can be used to convert the NOx or oxides of nitrogen. Some people still use the two way converters for they are very useful for the lean burn engines.

Facts about Catalytic Converters 6: the usage of catalytic converter

Actually catalytic converter is not only used in the automobile system. You can also find it in locomotives, buses, trucks, mining equipment, electrical generators, motorcycles and forklift.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

Facts about Catalytic Converters 7: the stoves

The wooden stoves are equipped with catalytic converter. It can be used to control the emissions.

Facts about Catalytic Converters 8: who invented the catalytic converter?

Eugene Houdry was the French mechanical engineer who invented the catalytic converter. In 1930, he relocated to United States. Do you know that Houdry was also an expert for catalytic oil refining?

Catalytic Converter Image

Catalytic Converter Image

Facts about Catalytic Converters 9: Oxy-Catalyst

Oxy-Catalyst was a company that Hourdy founded. He concerned a lot of with the condition of the smog in LA. The air pollution due to the usage of automobile also became his concern.

Facts about Catalytic Converters 10: cats

Cats is the short name for the first catalytic converter for smoke stacks that Houdry invented.

Catalytic Converter Facts

Catalytic Converter Facts

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