10 Facts about Caterina Cornaro

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Get the interesting information about the last Queen of Cyprus on Facts about Caterina Cornaro. The Venetian name of this queen was Catarina. She was born November 25th, 1454 and died on July 10th 1510. On August 26th 1474 until February 26th, 1489, she became the queen of Cyprus. She was the wife of James the Bastard or James II. After the death of his husband, she declared that she was a Daughter of Saint Mark so that Cyprus can be controlled by Republic of Venice. Here are some interesting facts about Caterina Cornaro:

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 1: who was Caterina Cornaro?

Her father was the great grandson of Marco Cornaro. His name was Nobile Huomo Marco Cornaro. He also served as the Patrician of Venice and Knight of Holy Roman Empire. Her mother was Fiorenza Crispo.

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 2: the Doges

There were four Doges generated by the Cornaro family. The relationship between Cyprus and her family was well established through commerce and trade.

Caterina Cornaro

Caterina Cornaro

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 3: the exports

There were many sugar mills that Cornaro family administered. The Cypriot products were sent to Venice for the export by the family.

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 4: Fiorenza Crispo

Fiorenza Crispo was the mother of Caterina.  Crispo’s father was Lord Syros, Nicholas Crispo. It is not easy to find out the identity of Fiorenza’s mother because Lord Syros had two wives.

Caterina Cornaro Image

Caterina Cornaro Image

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 5: the husband

Caterina Cornaro married James the Bastard or James II of Cyprus in 1468. He became the ruler of Cyprus. Caterina was selected by the king as the Queen consort of Kingdom of Cyprus and as his wife.

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 6: the proper decision

The people of Republic of Venice were satisfied when the king selected Caterina as his wife. This decision was able to secure the commercial right between Cyprus and Venice.

Caterina Cornaro facts

Caterina Cornaro facts

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 7: the marriage

Caterina and James II married on July 30th, 1468 in Venice. Do you know that Caterina was only 14 years old when she married her husband? Find facts about Boudicca here.

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 8: marriage in Cyprus

In October or November 1472, Caterina married him at Famagusta after she went to Cyprus.

Caterina Cornaro Pic

Caterina Cornaro Pic

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 9: the death of his husband

There was a sudden illness which made James died soon after the wedding. Caterina served as regent since she was pregnant. In August 1474, her infant son passed away after she became the monarch. Get facts about Caligula here.

Facts about Caterina Cornaro 10:the decline

The Kingdom of Cyprus was declined. The Venetian merchants controlled Cyprus. The queen was forced to give the administration of Cyprus to Republic of Venice on March 14, 1489.

Facts about Caterina Cornaro

Facts about Caterina Cornaro

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