10 Facts about Catherine Forde

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Find out the interesting Facts about Catherine Forde in the below explanation. Forde is famous as writer for various books for children. Before she became a writer, she was an English teacher for a secondary school. This Scottish writer had her first book published in 2001. The famous book of Forde was Fat Boy Swim. It made her earned critical acclaim and fame. Here are some interesting facts about Forde to note:

Facts about Catherine Forde 1: Fat Boy Swim

Fat Boy Swim is an interesting novel by Forde. If you read the novel, it is centered on the Scottish boy who has an overweight body. His name is Jimmy. He is only 14 years old.  At school, Jimmy is called as Fay Boy Fat due to his overweight body.

Facts about Catherine Forde 2: the life at school

The life of Jimmy at school is not great. Due to his weight, he was often bullied by his classmates. Moreover, he developed asthma. The novel tries to portray the troubled life of a teen and the way to handle the situation. Get facts about Carter G Woodson here.

Facts about Catherine Forde

Facts about Catherine Forde

Facts about Catherine Forde 3: the critics

Forde’s novel Fat Boy Swim is well appreciated by the critics. Some of them state that the novel in interesting and developed, while others think that the novel is filled with a vivid imagery.

Facts about Catherine Forde 4: The Drowning Pond and Firestarter

Other popular novels by Forde are The Drowning Pond and Firestarter. Both are the novels for young adults.  The first novel presents the historical parallels.

Catherine Forde Writer

Catherine Forde Writer

Facts about Catherine Forde 5: the birth date

Forde was born in 1961. She has various hobbies such as calking, swimming, reading, playing music, skiing and many more. Find facts about Caroline B. Cooney here.

Facts about Catherine Forde 6: the career path

Let’s find out the career path of Forde. She was the former secondary school teacher in Scotland. She also worked as a lexicographer. Now she is a writer and educator.

Catherine Forde Picture

Catherine Forde Picture

Facts about Catherine Forde 7: the awards

There are various awards that Forde earns. In 2005, she got Grampian Book Award and British Book Trust Teenage Book Award shortlist in 2004 for Fat Boy Swim.

Facts about Catherine Forde 8: SKARRS

SKARRS is another book by Forde. She earned various awards for this book such as Angus Award shortlist, Calderdale Teenage Book Award shortlist, North Lanarkshire Book Award shortlist and Scottish Arts Council award.

Catherine Forde Facts

Catherine Forde Facts

Facts about Catherine Forde 9: other books

Other books written by Forde include Think Me Back, I See You Baby …, The Finding and The Drowning Pond.

Facts about Catherine Forde 10: the inspiration

Forde states that the inspirations of characters for her books are from the important people her life.

Catherine Forde Book

Catherine Forde Book

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