10 Facts about Catherine Macphail

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Find out the Scottish born author in Facts about Catherine Macphail. She was born in Greenock on January 26th, 1946. Macphail had a dream to become a writer even though she had other jobs. But she always felt that she was fitted in the job. In Woman’s weekly, she earned a winning title due to her romantic story. Then she decided to choose romance as the genre of her novels. However, she felt that the genre was not suitable for her after she wrote two romantic novels. Check other interesting facts about Macphail by reading the below post:

Facts about Catherine Macphail 1: the targeted writers

Macphail not only writes books for children, but also for adults.  There is no need to wonder that she wrote the romantic novels before.

Facts about Catherine Macphail 2: My Mammy and Me

Have you ever read My Mammy and Me? Macphail wrote it. It is the famous BBC Radio 2 series.

Catherine Macphail Books

Catherine Macphail Books

Facts about Catherine Macphail 3: the first novel for children

Can you tell me the first novel for children written by Macphail? It has the title Run, Zan, Run. Check facts about Betty Friedan here.

Facts about Catherine Macphail 4: Run, Zan, Run

The novel Run, Zan, Run was made based on the inspiration of her youngest daughter. Her name is Katie. When Katie was at school, she was often bullied.  Macphail wrote the topic for she wanted to increase the awareness of the people about bullying at school.

Catherine Macphail Writer

Catherine Macphail Writer

Facts about Catherine Macphail 5: the award for Run, Zan, Run

Run, Zan, Run is a great novel. Thus, the writer was awarded with 1994 Kathleen Fidler Award for new Scottish Writing for this novel.

Facts about Catherine Macphail 6: the loan sharking

If you are interested to know the book of Macphail about the loan sharking, you have to check Fighting Back.

Catherine Macphail Pic

Catherine Macphail Pic

Facts about Catherine Macphail 7: the award for Fighting Back

Macphail must be very happy to know that her book Fighting Back was awarded with first Scottish Arts Council Children’s Book Awards in 1999.

Facts about Catherine Macphail 8: the personal life

As I have stated before, Katie was the youngest one in the family. Actually she has two other siblings since Macphail has three kids.

Catherine Macphail Facts

Catherine Macphail Facts

Facts about Catherine Macphail 9: the novels

There are various novels that Macphail wrote. Those were Dark Waters (2003), A Kind of Magic (2001),  Tribes (2004), Get That Ghost to Go Too (2006), and Another Me (2003). The latter one was adapted into cinema.

Facts about Catherine Macphail 10: Nemesis series

There are four Nemesis series. Those are Ride of Death (2008), Sinister Intent (2007), The Beast Within (2007) and Into the Shadows (2006). Get facts about Catherine Forde here.

Catherine Macphail

Catherine Macphail

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