10 Facts about Catherine Mcauley

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Facts about Catherine Mcauley talk about the famous person who established the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Mcauley was born on December 29, 1778. She died on November 11th, 1841. She was famous as The Venerable Mother Catherine Elizabeth McAuley. There were nuns who were taught with Catholic teachings. Let’s find out interesting facts about Mcauley in the following post below:

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 1: the place of birth

The parents of Mcauley were James and Elinor Conway McAuley. She was born in Dublin. In 1798, her mother passed away. Her father died earlier in 1783.

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 2: the Armstrongs

The Armstrongs were the Protestant relatives of Catherine. She and her brother decided to move with them after the death of their parents.


Catherine Mcauley Image

Catherine Mcauley Image

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 3: the Callaghans

The Callaghans were the distant relatives of Catherine’s mother. She served as her companion and household manager in 1803.  The Callaghans were rich people. They are old, yet did not have any kids.

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 4: the inheritor

Catherine became the inheritor of the estate of the Callaghans. In 1819, Catherine Callaghan died. In 1822, Mr Callaghan died without any successor.

Catherine Mcauley Pic

Catherine Mcauley Pic

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 5: how did she use the house?

The fortune and house that Catherine inherited from the Callaghan was used to help other people. Therefore, she wanted to accommodate the homeless women with education and care in the houses.

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 6: the location of the house of mercy

In June 1824, Rev. Dr. Blake laid the first cornerstone on the house of mercy. The selected location was at the junction of lower Baggot and Herbert Streets in Dublin.

Facts about Catherine Mcauley

Facts about Catherine Mcauley

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 7: the opening of the house

The new institution which focused on the orphans, women and the poor was opened on September 24th, 1827. It was on the feast of Our Lady of Mercy. The management of the house was controlled by Catherine and her two companions.

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 8: the initial intention of Mcauley

What was the initial intention of Mcauley when she built the house? She just wanted to assemble the catholic social workers to help the other women. She never had any intention to establish a community of religious women.

Catherine Mcauley Picture

Catherine Mcauley Picture

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 9: the distinctive dress

The usage of the distinctive dress was permitted to be worn by the staff of the institute. The permission was granted from the archbishop in 1828. Get facts about Carmelite Nuns here.

Facts about Catherine Mcauley 10: the type of uniform

The staff wore the black dress with cape. It had the white collar with veil and a lace cap.

Catherine Mcauley

Catherine McauleyCatherine Mcauley

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