10 Facts about Catherine Parr

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Facts about Catherine Parr give the detail information about the Queen of England and Ireland. King Henry VII had six wives and Parr was the last one. She served as the queen in 1543 until 1547. She was born in 1512 and died on September 5th, 1548. Check other interesting facts about Catherine Parr below:

Facts about Catherine Parr 1: the marriage of King Henry VIII and Parr

Parr and Henry married on July 12th, 1543. She took the record as the first women to be made queen of England and Ireland.  Parr was also the most married English queen since she married four times.

Facts about Catherine Parr 2: the children

Parr developed a relationship with the three children of Henry like Edward and Elizabeth. They became the English monarch in the later life.

Catherine Parr Facts

Catherine Parr Facts

Facts about Catherine Parr 3: Third Succession Act in 1543

In 1543, Third Succession Act was passed by Henry VIII. It was used to restore the line of succession for Mary and Elizabeth in the throne of England. Parr contributed a lot in the act. Get facts about Bloody Mary here.

Facts about Catherine Parr 4: as a regent

In July to September 1544, Parr was selected as a regent. At that time, Henry was in France for a military campaign. She would rule as a regent just in case that Henry lost his life.

Catherine Parr Movie

Catherine Parr Movie

Facts about Catherine Parr 5: Psalms or Prayers

Psalms or Prayers was the book that she published anonymously. She believed that the King was against her because of powerful Catholic officials. In 1546, there was an arrest warrant for her. It was banished after she was able to reconcile with the king.

Facts about Catherine Parr 6: other books

There were other books that she made. They include Prayers or Meditations and The Lamentations of a Sinner.

Catherine Parr Pic

Catherine Parr Pic

Facts about Catherine Parr 7: the death of Henry

On 28 January 1547, the king died. Then Parr married the firth Baron Seymour of Sudeley, Thomas Seymour. He has the last husband of Parr. Both married six months after Henry died.

Facts about Catherine Parr 8: the death of Parr

In September 1548, Parr died. It was believed that the complication of childbirth was the cause of the death.

Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr

Facts about Catherine Parr 9: the parents

Her father was lord of the manor of Kendal in Westmorland, Sir Thomas Parr. The Parr family was influential since they were several knights from this family. Get facts about Bonnie Prince Charlie here.

Facts about Catherine Parr 10: the siblings

Her younger sister was Anne. She appointed as Countess of Pembroke. Her younger brother was William who served as the 1st Marquess of Northampton.

Facts about Catherine Parr

Facts about Catherine Parr

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