10 Facts about Catholic Baptism

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Facts about Catholic Baptism present the detail information about the first of the seven sacraments. The person will become the member of the Catholic Church if they have been baptized. The sacrament of baptism can be received by any kinds of people. Once the person is baptized, there will be permanent mark on the soul. There is no need for them to be re-baptized.  Here are some interesting facts about catholic baptism for you:

Facts about Catholic Baptism 1: the age

If you think that there is an age restriction for catholic baptism, you are wrong. Anyone can be baptized whether they are old, adult, or young.

Facts about Catholic Baptism 2: the person who conducts the baptism

The priests, bishops and deacons are appointed by the Catholic Church to do the baptism. They get the responsibility from the ordinary minister. Check Baptism facts here.

Catholic Baptism Facts

Catholic Baptism Facts

Facts about Catholic Baptism 3: who is the ordinary minister?

The ordinary minister is the person who has the authority to perform the catholic baptism. Actually performance of this rite can be passed to another person. For instance, the priest can conduct the Confirmation if the bishop served as the ordinary minister for Confirmation gives the responsibility to the priest. It means that actually the priest does not have any authority to perform the rite if he does not get the permission from the ordinary minister.

Facts about Catholic Baptism 4: an infant

When the person who will be baptized is an infant, the rite usually is conducted by a deacon or a priest.

facts about Catholic Baptism

facts about Catholic Baptism

Facts about Catholic Baptism 5: the unbaptized person

In extreme cases, anyone can do baptism even the unbaptized person. When a person is laying in his deathbed and he wants to become a Christian, anyone can do it.

Facts about Catholic Baptism 6: the re-baptism

When a person is not baptized using the Trinitarian formula, his or her baptism is not valid. He or she should be re-baptized. Get facts about Baptists here.

Catholic Baptism

Catholic Baptism

Facts about Catholic Baptism 7: the sins

When a person is baptized, all sins committed by the person before he or she is baptized will be erased. The sin includes the venial sins, mortal sins and original sins.

Facts about Catholic Baptism 8: a new creature

After the person is baptized, he or she will become a new creature.

Catholic Baptism Pic

Catholic Baptism Pic

Facts about Catholic Baptism 9: a member of Christ

After he or she is baptized, the person is a member of the Christ. Moreover, he or she becomes the new adopted son of God.

Facts about Catholic Baptism 10: Godparents

We should never forget about the role of godparents. They give assistance of faith development on the baptized person.

Catholic Baptism Image

Catholic Baptism Image

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