10 Facts about Catholic Faith

Tuesday, November 3rd 2015. | Religion

Facts about Catholic Faith tell you about Catholicism. It is one of the major religions in the world. The development of the western culture is also influenced by Catholicism. You can check the influence on politics, philosophy, science, education, art, social institution, music and literature. Vatican is the home to the major Catholic Church. It maintains the diplomatic relationship with many countries. Check other interesting facts about catholic faith below:

Facts about Catholic Faith 1: the first non Italian Pope

Do you know the first non Italian pope? He is John Paul II. He had visited 129 countries in the world.

Facts about Catholic Faith 2: the word Catholic

In AD 110, Ignatius of Antioch used the word Catholic for the first time.  Ignatius stated that Christ gave the Church as a gift for all people. The word Catholic that he used was taken from the Greek word, katholikos. It has the meaning toward the whole.

Catholic Faith Image

Catholic Faith Image

Facts about Catholic Faith 3: William Tyndale

In 1536, William Tyndale was executed by Roman Catholic Church since he translated Bible into English. Actually Tyndale’s translation occupied 83 percent of the New Testament of King James Bible. His translation in the Old Testament was around 76 percent.

Facts about Catholic Faith 4: the people who embrace Catholic

Can you count the people in the world who have catholic faith? The report states that there are 1 billion Catholics in the world. All of them spread in five continents. Most of them live in South America, Central America, Philippines, United States and southern Europe. Get facts about Catholic Education in Australia here.

Catholic Faith Facts

Catholic Faith Facts

Facts about Catholic Faith 5: Catholic Church

Due to the high number of Catholics in the world, the record of the largest single denomination in Christianity is taken by Catholic Church.

Facts about Catholic Faith 6: Saint Peter

Christ appointed Saint Peter as the first head of his church.  Therefore, the Pope based in Vatican is considered as the successor of Saint Peter.

Facts about Catholic Faith

Facts about Catholic Faith

Facts about Catholic Faith 7: where does the pope live?

Some people think that the pope lives in Italy. Actually it is not true since he lives in Vatican City.

Facts about Catholic Faith 8: Brazil

You can find more Catholics in Brazil. The number of Catholics in the country reaches 127 million individuals.

Catholic Faith

Catholic Faith

Facts about Catholic Faith 9: the first African American saint

Saint Maurice is considered as the first African American saint in the Roman Catholic Church. He was born in Egypt.

Facts about Catholic Faith 10: the symbols

The common symbols in catholic faith include the cross, ashes, sacred heart, and incense. Find facts about Catholic Baptism here.

Catholic Faith Pic

Catholic Faith Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about Catholic faith?

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