10 Facts about Catholicism

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Facts about Catholicism talk about the practices of some Christian churches. The usage of Catholicism is very broad. Therefore, it is always associated with the liturgy, ethnic, theology, and spirituality of the certain tradition in the Christian churches.  The Anglo- Catholicism was promoted by the Oxford movement. The apostolic succession as well as the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist is some important doctrines in the Anglo- Catholicism. Check other interesting facts about Catholicism below:

Facts about Catholicism 1: the usage of Catholic Church

It was in Letter to the Smyrnaeans the first proof for the usage of Catholic Church. The Letter was sent to Christians in Smyrna. The writer of the letter was Ignatius of Antioch.

Facts about Catholicism 2: orthodox

The term “orthodox” means non heretical. Catholicism was associated with orthodox in the second half of 2nd century. It is due to the tradition of Catholicism which taught the whole truth and the whole church.



Facts about Catholicism 3: “Catholic Christian”

The term “Catholic Christian” was limited by Emperor Theodosius I in 380. The people could consider themselves as Catholic Christians if they followed the faith of Pope Peter of Alexandria and Pope Damasus I of Rome.

Facts about Catholicism 4: catholic in the eyes of early writers

The word catholic was developed by some early writers. The writers include Augustine of Hippo and Cyril of Jerusalem. Both of them were connected with Christianity.

Catholicism Image

Catholicism Image

Facts about Catholicism 5: the five groups of Catholic

There are five groups of catholic individual and denomination if you refer them based on the apostolic succession.

Facts about Catholicism 6: the first and second group

The first group is the Roman Catholic Church. The key element of Catholicism lies on the Bishop of Rome. The second group focuses on the unbroken apostolic succession. Those include the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox. They consider themselves as the Catholic Church.

Catholicism Facts

Catholicism Facts

Facts about Catholicism 7: the third and fourth group

The fourth group see themselves as the constituent part of the church but they also follow the unbroken apostolic succession. The denominations belong to this group include some Lutherans, Anglican and Old Catholic. In general, the fourth group never call themselves Catholic, but they believe that they are the spiritual successor of the Apostles. The last group identifies themselves with a break in apostolic succession. Check facts about Carmelite Nuns here.

Facts about Catholicism 8: “Catholic Church”

Catholic Church or Roman Catholic Church is formed by the Latin and Eastern catholic Churches.

Facts about Catholicism

Facts about Catholicism

Facts about Catholicism 9: the number of members

The Catholic Church has a lot of members. The reports state that there are 1.22 billion Christians who belong to this church. Get facts about bible here.

Facts about Catholicism 10: non-Roman ecclesial traditions

The non non-Roman ecclesial traditions included as Roman Catholic Church are Maronite, West Syrian, East Syrian, Coptic, and Armenian.

Catholicism Pic

Catholicism Pic

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