10 Facts about Cathy Cassidy

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Find out the interesting information about the well known British writer on Facts about Cathy Cassidy.  If you check most of her books, she focuses on the creation of domestic fiction. She likes to write young adult fiction. Cassidy was born on June 13th, 1962 in Coventry. Now you can find her living in London. Here are other interesting facts about Cassidy below:

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 1: the personal life

As I have stated before, Cassidy now lives in London on the Wirral, Merseyside.  She had two kids. Both are Calum and Caitlin. Her husband is Liam.

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 2: the number of books

Do you know that Cassidy is a very productive writer? During her writing career, she already released 23 books in the market. Get facts about Cathy Hopkins here.

Cathy Cassidy Facts

Cathy Cassidy Facts

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 3: Shout

Shout is the name of the famous magazine for teen girls. Do you know that Cassidy was selected as the agony aunt for the magazine for 12 years?

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 4: a vegetarian

Cassidy is a vegetarian. She has applied this healthy lifestyle for more than 35 years. For eight years, she became a vegan.

Facts about Cathy Cassidy

Facts about Cathy Cassidy

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 5: an art teacher

Cassidy worked as an art teacher in the local primary school. It seems that she is a very talented person.

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 6: Queen of Teen award

Queen of Teen award is one of the prestigious award functions. Cassidy was nominated in Queen of Teen award three times. It was in 2008, 2010 and 2012. In 2008, the Queen of Teen Award was established. The writers in the award included Louise Rennison, Sarra Manning and Sarah Webb in 2008. It was won by Rennison.

Cathy Cassidy

Cathy Cassidy

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 7: the winner

In 2010 Queen of Teen Award, Cassidy won since the fans voted for her. She was selected in the second place in 2012. The first place was taken by Maureen Johnson.

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 8: the education

Cassidy studied illustration when she was enrolled at Liverpool Polytechnic. If you look at the Daizy Star books, she made the front covers and the illustrations.

Cathy Cassidy Writer

Cathy Cassidy Writer

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 9: the mini books

Cassidy wrote three mini books. Those are Cupcakes and Kisses (2009), Ice-Cream and Dreams (2008), and Love Peace and Chocolate (2007). Get facts about Bram Stoker here.

Facts about Cathy Cassidy 10: the favorite books

Other books made by Cassidy include Gingersnaps (2008), Dizzy (2004), Lucky Star (2007), The Cathy Cassidy Dreams and Doodles Daybook (2008), Driftwood (2005), and Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar (2010).

Cathy Cassidy Pic

Cathy Cassidy Pic

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