10 Facts about Cathy Hopkins

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Get the interesting Facts about Cathy Hopkins in the below explanation. She was born on 23rd, January 1953 in Manchester. Hopkins is popular as an English novelist. The famous work of Hopkins includes Mates, Dates series. The series is for teenagers. If you are interested to know the early life, personal life and books of Hopkins, check the detail information below:

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 1: the early life

When she was five years old until she was 11 years old, Hopkins spent her time living in Kenya. But she was born in Manchester. Then she and her family relocated to England.

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 2: the college life

The college life of Hopkins was amazing. Do you know that she was with a rock and roll band, Driving Rock and the Rockettes? The band made her sing in public.

Cathy Hopkins Author

Cathy Hopkins Author

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 3: a tour

With her band, Driving Rock and the Rockettes, Cathy Hopkins had various tours in the universities and colleges.

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 4: the warm up band

Due to the popularity of the band, it was used as the warm up band. It became the opening band for Wizard and The Average White Band.

Cathy Hopkins Books

Cathy Hopkins Books

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 5: her father

The father of Hopkins is a writer too. He is Billy Hopkins. There are various books that he made such as Big Mama, Whatever Next, Going Places, Kate’s Story, Tommy’s World, and High Hopes.

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 6: writing a book

In 1987, Cathy Hopkins began her writing career. She decided to make books. She worked on the humor books along with Gray Jolliffe. He is a cartoonist.

Cathy Hopkins Pic

Cathy Hopkins Pic

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 7: the publication of her books

Since the books of Hopkins are very popular in the world, there is no need to wonder that they are published in more than 33 countries in the world. Hopkins has created around 55 books. Check facts about Catherine Macphail here.

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 8: the award

In 2010, due to her popularity and contribution, she was shortlisted for Queen Teen Award.

Cathy Hopkins

Cathy Hopkins

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 9: the famous books of Hopkins

The famous books of Hopkins include Zodiac Girls series, Cinnamon Girl series and Million Dollar Mates. The latter one is the current series. Get facts about Catherine Forde here.

Facts about Cathy Hopkins 10: the Zodiac Girl series

If you are interested to read the Zodiac Girl series, you can check Bridesmaids’ Club (2009) Libra, Brat Princess (2007) Leo, Recipe for Rebellion (2007) Sagittarius and From Geek to Goddess (2007) Gemini.

Facts about Cathy Hopkins

Facts about Cathy Hopkins

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