10 Facts about Cat’s Eyes

Thursday, November 5th 2015. | Animals

Facts about Cat’s Eyes tell you about the vision of cats. When the night comes, people are impressed seeing the shining eyes of cats. They glow in the dark. The rod cells that the cat has are 6 to 8 times higher than that of human being. Therefore, the cat’s eyes can detect the light at a very low level. Check other interesting facts about cat’s eyes below:

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 1: the differences between the human’s eyes and cat’s eyes

The cat eyes can only present the night vision and the peripheral vision. On the other hand, the human’s eyes have the ability to distinguish the vibrant colors during the day.

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 2: the wider view

Human being only has 180 degree view when they see objects using eyes. On the other hand, cats have wider view for they can check the objects in 200 degree viewing.

Cat's Eyes Color

Cat’s Eyes Color

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 3: peripheral vision

The peripheral vision of cats is superb.  There is no need to wonder that this animal is capable for spotting the mouse at the corner space.

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 4: the crepuscular animals

Cats are included in the list of crepuscular animals. When the dawn or dusk comes, they become active. Even though they are in the room with low light, the eyes are very sensitive. Therefore, cats earn the nickname as the night creature.

Cat's Eyes Pic

Cat’s Eyes Pic

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 5: the anatomy

The cat’s eyes contain a layer of tissue which can gather more light to retina. It also has the larger tapetum and corneas. The shape of the eyes is elliptical.

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 6: the silhouetted objects

When the cats hunt during the dark night, they can do it easily since the silhouetted objects are clearer due to the tapetum which can shift into the wavelength of light.

Cat's Eyes

Cat’s Eyes

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 7: colors

It is very easy for human being to differentiate the special spectrum of colors. Cats do not have this ability. The peak sensitive for colors for human are centered on blue, green and red. The full range of colors cannot be seen clearly by cats. Get facts about caterpillars here.

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 8: the bright light

The ability of human eyes in the bright light condition is better than cats. Since the cone function is contributed a lot to the motion detection of bright light, human has 10 or 12 times better ability.

Unique Cat's Eyes

Unique Cat’s Eyes

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 9: the color vision

The color vision of cats is focused on grays and blue based on the research of some experts.

Facts about Cat’s Eyes 10: is it nearsighted animal?

Cats cannot see the objects clearly at near place. Get facts about camouflage here.

Facts about Cat's Eyes

Facts about Cat’s Eyes

Are you impressed after reading facts about cat’s eyes?

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