10 Facts about Cattails

Thursday, November 5th 2015. | Plants

One of the interesting plants in the world is explained in Facts about Cattails. The common names for cattails include reedmace or bulrush. Both are the common names for the British English. In Australia, people call cattails as bulrush or cumbungi. The corn dog grass, punks, and cattails are the famous names for cattails in American English. The New Zealanders call it raupo, while the Canadian people call it cattail or bulrush. Check other interesting facts about cattails below:

Facts about Cattails 1: the edible plants

Cattails are considered as the edible plants. It was traced back that 30,000 years ago, the people had already ate this plants in Europe.

Facts about Cattails 2: the chair seating

Besides being consumed by the people, cattails are often made into the chair seats. The leaves are the main part to create the chairs.

Cattail Image

Cattail Image

Facts about Cattails 3: the culinary uses

Cattails are edible plants. If you compare it with rice or maize, it has more protein on the starchy rhizomes. Some people decide to make flour from the rhizomes of cattails. Get facts about cactus here.

Facts about Cattails 4: the harvesting time

The harvesting time of cattail was conducted by the people in the end of autumn or beginning of spring. The fibers of cattails are very tough. Therefore, the people have to scrap or suck the starch.

facts about Cattails

facts about Cattails

Facts about Cattails 5: the place to grow cattails

If you find cattails growing in the polluted areas, you should never consume it. It contains the pesticide and lead which can poison the body and give negative impact on the body.

Facts about Cattails 6: how to cook cattails

You can consume the outer part of cattails like asparagus. You can boil it or even eat it raw. The young and tender cattails can be cooked or eaten raw.

Cattails Foods

Cattails Foods

Facts about Cattails 7: the seeds

There is no need for you to remove the seeds of cattails. They are useful to feel chickens and cattle. It contains the high linoleci acid. Get facts about cacao trees here.

Facts about Cattails 8: the building material

It is very surprising to know that cattail can be used as a building material. Every part of the plant can be used. You can use it to construct the boats or even rafts.



Facts about Cattails 9: the paper

Do you know that the stems and leaves of cottontails are useful to create paper?  It can be made into a graphical paper.

Facts about Cattails 10: other uses

Cattails can be used for other purposes such as for biofuel or tinder to start the fire.

Cattail Plants

Cattail Plants

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