10 Facts about Cavaliers

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Let’s find out an interesting history topic on Facts about Cavaliers. The Parliamentarians used the term cavalier for the first time. It was used to depict the abuse during the English civil war conducted by the rich male royalist supporters of King Charles I and Charles II. Then the royalist use the term to call themselves. Check other interesting facts about cavalier below:

Facts about Cavaliers 1: the original intention

The usage of the term cavalier was intended to show the behavior, social attitudes as well as the political view of the royalists.

Facts about Cavaliers 2: the clothing style

In the later year, the people began to note more on the clothing style of the cavaliers.  They were always associated with fashionable clothing ideas when they spent the time at the court.

Facts about Cavaliers

Facts about Cavaliers

Facts about Cavaliers 3: the archetypal cavalier

The person considered as the best archetypal cavalier was the commander of the cavalry during the reign of King Charles I. He was Prince Rupert.

Facts about Cavaliers 4: the term cavalier

The word cavalier was taken from the Latin word. It has the similar root with chevalier, a French word.  It means the horseman.

Cavalier Facts

Cavalier Facts

Facts about Cavaliers 5: Shakespeare

People always recognize Shakespeare as one of the best playwright in the world.  His works include Henry IV, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. In Henry IV, part II, the word cavaleros was used. He picked the word to depict the swaggering gallant scene.

Facts about Cavaliers 6: English civil war

The usage of the term cavalier cannot be separated from the English civil war. King Charles I was heavily supported by the royalist who called themselves the cavalier.



Facts about Cavaliers 7: the dressing style

In the modern era, the word cavalier is always linked with the fashionable style of dress. The royalist showed up in the court wearing the bright colored clothes. They feature the lace cuffs and collars and decorated with ornate trimming. These men also wear the long flowing hair in ringlets. The look was completed with a plumed hat. Get facts about Canada in British Empire here.

Facts about Cavaliers 8: the roundhead supporters

The dressing style of the roundhead supporters was very different. These people picked the plainer dress and sported the shorter hair.

Cavaliers Facts

Cavaliers Facts

Facts about Cavaliers 9: Sir Anthony van Dyck

Sir Anthony van Dyck was the court painter for Charles I. During the English civil war; he took side for the parliamentary. Get facts about British History here.

Facts about Cavaliers 10: cavalier in art

Cavalier has been an inspiration in painting and other art. Anthony van Dyck created the triple portrait of Charles I in Charles I in Three Positions.

Cavaliers Civil War

Cavaliers Civil War

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