10 Facts about Cave Art

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Facts about Cave Art talk about the art that people can find on the cave ceilings and walls.  The art was created during the prehistoric era. It can be traced back around 40,000 years ago. The cave art can be seen mostly in Europe and Asia. There is no further explanation about the purpose of the Paleolithic cave art. If you think that the cave art is only for decorative purpose, you are wrong. Check other interesting facts about cave art below:

Facts about Cave Art 1: the purposes of cave art

There are several opinions of about the purposes of cave art. The experts believe that this art was used for ascribing the ceremonial purpose or even the religious value. It is also believed that the prehistoric people used it for communicating with other people.

Facts about Cave Art 2: the similarities

In most cases, the cave art that you can find around the world has similar style. The main subject on the art is the animal.

Cave Art Pic

Cave Art Pic

Facts about Cave Art 3: the depiction of human

Human is not depicted in full body size. It usually comes in the images of hands. Find facts about carnival art here.

Facts about Cave Art 4: the earliest cave art

The earliest known cave art which depicted the animals was dated back around 35,000 years old. It was discovered in Sulawesi, Indonesia at Maros.

Cave Art Image

Cave Art Image

Facts about Cave Art 5: the figurative paintings

There were figurative paintings discovered in Europe. The earliest ones were traced back around 30,000 to 32,000 years ago. It was in Aurignacian period. The art was discovered in Coliboaia Cave in Romania and Chauvet Cave in France.

Facts about Cave Art 6: the non figurative rock art

If you want to know the earliest non figurative cave art, you can check it in Sulawesi in the form of a hand stencil and a disk located in El Castillo cave in Cantabria, Spain.

Cave Art Facts

Cave Art Facts

Facts about Cave Art 7: the deep caves

The cave art can be found on the deep caves in various areas in the world like in South America, Australia and Africa.

Facts about Cave Art 8: the cave art in Australia

Australia is also famous with its wonderful and historic cave art.  If you want to know the art made of ochre, check it in Kakadu, Australia.

Cave Art

Cave Art

Facts about Cave Art 9: the famous ochre painting

You can find two emu like birds on red ochre painting at Arnhem Land Plateau.

Facts about Cave Art 10: the famous cave arts in the world

There are various cave art pieces in the world. You can check it in Cave of Altamira, Pech Merle, Cave of El Castillo, Grotte de Cussac, Cueva de La Pasiega and Cosquer Cave. Get facts about Cas Holmes here.

Facts about Cave Art

Facts about Cave Art

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