10 Facts about Cave Lions

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If you want to know more about the Eurasian or European cave lions, check out Facts about Cave Lions. The scientific name of cave lions is Panthera leo spelaea or Panthera spelaea.  The experts believe that cave lion has a closer relationship with tiger due to the shape of the skull.  The cave lions were spotted in Alaska and Europe. Here are other interesting facts about cave lion:

Facts about Cave Lions 1: the evolution

The experts believe that the earlier Panthera leo fossils evolved into Panthera leo spelea or cave lion. It was spotted around 700,000 years ago in Europe. It disappeared from earth around 2,000 years ago. The scientists do not know the cause. It remains unclear till today. But there is a belief that the cave lion was extinct because it was killed by the early human who settled in Eurasia.

Facts about Cave Lions 2: P. l. spelaea

During the Pleistocene epoch, the P. l. spelaea was alive. It was around 370,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Cave Lion

Cave Lion

Facts about Cave Lions 3: the habitat

Cave lions lived in the mountains and woodlands of Eurasia.

Facts about Cave Lions 4: the weight and length

Can you guess the weight and length of cave lions? The adult one has the weight around 700 to 800 pounds, while the length can reach 7 to 8 feet.

Cave Lion Pic

Cave Lion Pic

Facts about Cave Lions 5: carnivorous animals

Just like the modern lions, cave lions were carnivorous animals. The main diet was meat.

Facts about Cave Lions 6: the physical characteristics

The main physical characteristics that cave lions have are seen from the powerful limbs, stripes, large body size and manes.

Cave Lion Facts

Cave Lion Facts

Facts about Cave Lions 7: the classification

Cave lion was classified under the subspecies of modern lion of Panthera leo because the fossil remains of cave lion have the similar genetic sequences with the modern lion. Find facts about cape buffalo here.

Facts about Cave Lions 8: the predator

During the Pleistocene epoch, cave lion was considered as one of the most powerful and most feared predators.

Facts about Cave Lions

Facts about Cave Lions

Facts about Cave Lions 9: the hunted animals

The animal hunted by cave lions included cave bear, prehistoric elephants, and prehistoric horses.

Facts about Cave Lions 10: another opinion about cave lion’s extinction

Other people believe that cave lions extinct because of the low amount of the usual prey as well as the climate change. The low level of the usual prey probably was caused by the extensive hunting of Homo sapiens for they needed the mammalian megafauna, prehistoric pigs and deer to eat. Get facts about cats here.

Cave Lions

Cave Lions

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