10 Facts about Cave Paintings

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Facts about Cave Paintings talk about the pre historic painting found in the ceilings and walls of the cave. Most paintings made by the prehistoric people were mainly centered on the images of animals. The painting can be found in various regions in the world like in Europe, Asia and Africa.  The oldest animal cave painting was discovered at Maros in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was dated back around 35,400. It depicted a pig. Here are other interesting facts about cave painting:

Facts about Cave Paintings 1: the red disk

The famous cave painting in Cave of El Castilla in Cantabria, Northern Spain depicted the red disk. It was dated back around 40.8 thousand years ago.

Facts about Cave Paintings 2: the figurative cave painting

If you want to know the example of the figurative cave painting, check it in Chauvet Cave in France. It was considered as the oldest one in Europe.  Based on the radiocarbon dating, the painting was made during Upper Paleolithic or 30,000 BCE.

Cave Paintings Facts

Cave Paintings Facts

Facts about Cave Paintings 3: cave painting in Australia

Cave paintings are abundant in Australia. If you want to know the painting which depicted the megafauna, check it at Arnhem Land plateau, Australia.

Facts about Cave Paintings 4: the charcoal drawing

The charcoal drawing is also found on the cave in Australia.  It can be seen in Nawarla Gabarnmang. It was dated back around 28,000 years ago based on the radiocarbon dating. Get facts about cave art here.

Cave Painting

Cave Painting

Facts about Cave Paintings 5: the common subjects

If you look at the various cave paintings in the world, the large wild animals are used as the primary subjects. You can see the images of aurochs, horses, deer and bison.

Facts about Cave Paintings 6: other subjects

The abstract pattern, finger flutings and human hands are other common subjects in the cave paintings.

Cave Painting Pic

Cave Painting Pic

Facts about Cave Paintings 7: the images of human

The images of human are very rare in cave painting. Human was depicted with the images of hands. The experts believe that human was not used as the subject for it was taboo in the religion at that time. Find facts about caves here.

Facts about Cave Paintings 8: the pigments

The pigments were used to create the cave painting. They used the charcoal, manganese oxide, hematite yellow ochre and red ochre.

Cave Paintings

Cave Paintings

Facts about Cave Paintings 9: the hand stencils

The hand stencil is one of the methods to create the cave painting. The person will place a hand on the wall. Then the pigment will be blown.

Facts about Cave Paintings 10: the religious belief

The cave painting reflected the religious beliefs can be seen at Drakensberg Park, South Africa. The rock art in Africa often features the human figure.

Facts about Cave Paintings

Facts about Cave Paintings

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