10 Facts about Cavemen

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Facts about Cavemen explain the interesting information about the human beings who once lived inside the caves. They are considered as the early modern human beings. The association of human being and caves had been spotted in the past through the presence of cave painting and art. Find out other interesting facts about cavemen below:

Facts about Cavemen 1: the portrayal of cavemen

Can you tell me the portrayal of cavemen? These people had the skill to create the cave painting. They usually wore the shaggy animal hides.

Facts about Cavemen 2: the traits

The traits of cavemen are always associated with aggressiveness and unintelligence. They usually armed with cattle bones clubs and rocks. The traits of cavemen were always linked with the pre-ice age archaic hominids and ice age Neanderthals.

Cavemen Clothes

Cavemen Clothes

Facts about Cavemen 3: living in the caves

These people earned the name cavemen because they lived in caves. The art on the caves was used to indicate the degree of preservation of the caves. It did not show the indication of using the caves as the shelter.

Facts about Cavemen 4: living in caves

The early hominids and modern humans did live in the caves as their shelter after the ice age ended. Check facts about cave paintings here.

Facts about Cavemen

Facts about Cavemen

Facts about Cavemen 5: the modern humans

The modern humans decided to live in a non permanent structure by building a tent. Some of them also created the wooden hut. They were considered as the nomadic hunter gatherer tribes.

Facts about Cavemen 6: the depiction of cavemen in the popular culture

If you check the depiction of cavemen in the popular culture, they are always seen living side by side with the pre-historic dinosaurs. Actually the animals had vanished around 66 million years ago at the end of Cretaceous period before human species appeared.



Facts about Cavemen 7: a silent movie

In 1914, there was a silent movie which depicted the dinosaurs and cavemen living together. You can check it on D. W. Griffith’s Brute Force.

Facts about Cavemen 8: other examples of popular culture

The other examples of popular culture which showed the cavemen and dinosaur on The Flintstones aired in 1960 until 1966 and the comic strip B.C.

Cavemen Picture

Cavemen Picture

Facts about Cavemen 9: the middle age depiction

The cavemen were depicted in the middle ages in various art works and paintings. The cavemen were described as the person who dwelled inside the caves and wielded clubs. Get facts about caves here.

Facts about Cavemen 10: the appearance

In various paintings and arts, the appearance of cavemen was depicted with covered and bearded hair.

Dinosaurs and Cavemen

Dinosaurs and Cavemen

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