10 Facts about Caves

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Facts about Caves tell you about the hollow place in the ground. The cave usually has large size so that people can enter the cave easily. The weathering of rock forms this natural underground space. Due to the unique shapes and rocks, people love to visit the caves. They can do spelunking, potholing and caving.  If you are interested to study more about caves and its environment, you need to look at the speleology. It is the science which focuses on cave study and exploration. Here are other interesting facts about caves.

Facts about Caves 1: the small openings

The word cave is not only used for defining the hollow space in the ground. The grottos, rock shelters and sea caves with small openings are commonly called caves.

Facts about Caves 2: Mammoth Cave

Have you visited Mammoth Cave?  This famous cave is located in Kentucky, United States. It takes the record as the cave system with the greatest total length on the surveyed passage. It will be challenging to explore the cave.

Caves Beauty

Caves Beauty

Facts about Caves 3: the underwater cave

One of the famous underwater caves in the world is located in Yucatan, Mexico. The name is Sistema Ox Bel Ha. It has the longest surveyed underwater area at 150 miles or 242 km.

Facts about Caves 4: Krubera Cave

Krubera Cave is located in Georgia. It takes the record as the deepest known cave in the world if you measure the depth from the lowest to the highest point of entrance. It has 7,208 feet or 2,197 meter of depth.

Caves facts

Caves facts

Facts about Caves 5: the longest surveyed caves

If you are interested to visit the longest surveyed caves in the world, there are several caves that you can explore. Those are Jewel Cave in South Dakota, Optymistychna Cave in Ukraine, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, Sistema Sac Actun in Mexico and Sistema Ox Bel Ha in Mexico.

Facts about Caves 6: Sarawak Chamber

Sarawak Chamber is located inside Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysia. You can find the largest room ever here.

Facts about Caves

Facts about Caves

Facts about Caves 7: cave painting and art

Cave is a part of the prehistoric life. People can find out the various kinds of cave painting and art in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. Most of them depict the large wild animals.

Facts about Caves 8: the animals which inhabit the cave

Troglobites or the cave limited species are considered as the common animals which occupy the caves. It is characterized with a loss of vision and pale skin color. Get facts about Banff National Park here.



Facts about Caves 9: Aquatic troglobites

The endangered Alabama cave shrimp is the example of Aquatic troglobites. They got the food from the feces of bats. Get facts about Blue Mountains here.

Facts about Caves 10: the other Aquatic troglobites

The other animals included in Aquatic troglobites were Texas blind salamander and cave fish.

Caves Pic

Caves Pic

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