10 Facts about Cecil the Lion

Saturday, November 7th 2015. | Animals

Let’s find out the interesting information about the male southwest African lion in Facts about Cecil the Lion. He was born circa 2002 and died on July1st, 2015. The scientific name of this lion is Panthera Leo bleyenberghi.  Before he died, Cecil the Lion inhabited Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. Check other interesting facts about Cecil the Lion:

Facts about Cecil the Lion 1: the fame

Cecil the Lion was very famous in the world. Many visitors who came to the National Park wanted to see Cecil the Lion. Moreover, there were various scientists who wanted to study and tracked the lion.

Facts about Cecil the Lion 2: Walter Palmer

Walter Palmer was the recreational big game hunter from America. He made Cecil the Lion wounded due to his arrow when he tracked the lion.

Cecil The Lion Facts

Cecil The Lion Facts

Facts about Cecil the Lion 3: death

After it was wounded, Cecil the Lion was killed with a rifle. It was around 40 hours later on July 1st, 2015.

Facts about Cecil the Lion 4: the age

When Cecil the Lion was killed, he was 13 years old.

Cecil The Lion

Cecil The Lion

Facts about Cecil the Lion 5: the international response

The international response was very strong against the act of Palmer.  The celebrities, animal conservationists and politicians were outraged for the death of Cecil the Lion.

Facts about Cecil the Lion 6: prosecution

Related to the hunt of the lion, the prosecution was charged for two men in Zimbabwe. Palmer was not prosecuted for he had a permit.

Cecil The Lion Pic

Cecil The Lion Pic

Facts about Cecil the Lion 7: the name

The name Cecil was taken from the name Cecil Rhodes. In 2008, a brother of Cecil was spotted by the people in the national park.

Facts about Cecil the Lion 8: the fight

There was a fight among the lions. It resulted the death of Cecil’s bother.  The leader of the pride and Cecil were injured. The park rangers killed the leader for it was seriously wounded. Get facts about cave lions here.

Facts about Cecil The Lion

Facts about Cecil The Lion

Facts about Cecil the Lion 9: Cecil and the pride

Even though Cecil was wounded, he was alive. He became a leader. He had 22 members. Get facts about cat’s eyes here.

Facts about Cecil The Lion 10: Theo Bronkhorst

Theo Bronkhorst was the professional guide or hunter who was reportedly paid by Walter Palmer to make him kill the lion. Palmer was from Minnesota. He worked as a dentist. He paid him US$50,000.

Cecil The Lion Image

Cecil The Lion Image

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