10 Facts about Cedar Point

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If you want to know the famous amusement park on Lake Erie peninsula, you need to check Facts about Cedar Point. In 1870, it was opened in Sandusky, Ohio. In United States, Cedar Point takes the record as the second oldest amusement park. The first oldest one is taken by Lake Compounce. Here are other interesting facts about Cedar Point below:

Facts about Cedar Point 1: who operates and owns Cedar Point?

Do you know the owner and operator of Cedar Point? Cedar Fair Entertainment Company has it.

Facts about Cedar Point 2: the popularity

Cedar Point is considered as one of the mot popular and famous parks in America. There are 72 rides which take the world record in Cedar Park.

Facts about Cedar Point

Facts about Cedar Point

Facts about Cedar Point 3: the newest roller coaster

In May 2015, the newest roller coaster was opened in Cedar Point. If we talk about the number of rollers coaster, it takes the second place. Six Flag Magic Mountain gets the record with the most roller coasters.

Facts about Cedar Point 4: the regular operating season

The regular operating system for Cedar Point is from the beginning of May until the labor day. The visitors can enjoy the park daily.

Cedar Point Facts

Cedar Point Facts

Facts about Cedar Point 5: Cedar Point on weekends

You can only visit Cedar Point on weekends until the Halloween event. It is called HalloWeekends. Find facts about Bradgate Park here.

Facts about Cedar Point 6: other interesting features in Cedar Point

Besides roller coaster, the people can enjoy other attractions here such as the two marinas, Challenge Park, Soak City, Castaway Bay and white sand beach. This park is perfect for family vacation. You can find some interesting resorts inside Cedar Point.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point

Facts about Cedar Point 7: Golden Ticket Award

Amusement Today awarded Cedar Point with Golden Ticket Award for 16 years in a row for Best Amusement Park In The World.

Facts about Cedar Point 8: the height of the roller coaster

If you visit Cedar Point, you will have a chance to enjoy the roller coaster with the height more than 61 meter or 200 feet. Those are Top Thrill Dragster, Wicked Twister, Magnum XL-200, and Millennium Force.

Cedar Point Pic

Cedar Point Pic

Facts about Cedar Point 9: the visitors

In 2013, there were 3.38 million people who came to this amusement park. Get facts about Blue Water Shopping Center here.

Facts about Cedar Point 10: the shows

You can also enjoy various shows in Cedar Point. Most shows last for 25 minutes. In 2015, Cedar Point introduces the new musical medley of tributes. It is called Bandstand USA.

Cedar Point Park

Cedar Point Park

Are you impressed after reading facts about Cedar Point?

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