10 Facts about Cee Lo Green

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Facts about Cee Lo Green present the interesting information about the rapper, singer, record producer, songwriter, business and actor in America. He was born on 30 May 1974 as Thomas DeCarlo Callaway. He rose to fame along with his hip hop group. The name was Goodie Mob. Then he became the member of Gnarls Barkley. Due to his YouTube popularity, he had a solo career. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cee Lo Green below:

Facts about Cee Lo Green 1: the soul work

People always recognize Green due to his soul work. One of the best hits of Gnarls Barkley was Crazy launched in 2006. On the Billboard Hot 100, it reached number two in U.S.

Facts about Cee Lo Green 2: St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere was the title of the album released in 2006. It contained Crazy. This album was very successful. In US Billboard 200 album chart, St. Elsewhere took number four.

Cee Lo Green Facts

Cee Lo Green Facts

Facts about Cee Lo Green 3: the second album

The second album of Gnarls Barkley was released in 2008. It was entitled The Odd Couple. On the Billboard 200, it was ranked at number 12.

Facts about Cee Lo Green 4: a solo track

The solo single of Green was released on 19 August 2010 after he decided to have a hiatus with Danger Mouse. The title of his track was “Fuck You!”  The song was a hit.

Cee Lo Green in Red

Cee Lo Green in Red

Facts about Cee Lo Green 5: “Forget You”

“Forget you” was another single for Green. It was the radio edit version which took number two at United States Billboard Hot 100.

Facts about Cee Lo Green 6: the album

In 2010, Green released the album with a title The Lady Killer. On the Billboard 200 album chart, it was in the top 10. It was included in the top five on the Album Chart of United Kingdom.

Facts about Cee Lo Green

Facts about Cee Lo Green

Facts about Cee Lo Green 7: other successful singles of Green

If you are interested to know the other successful singles of Green, you have to listen to “Bright Lights Bigger City” and “It’s OK”. Both became hits in European countries. Find facts about Carri Underwood here.

Facts about Cee Lo Green 8: a coach

Do you know the Voice? It was one of the famous American reality TV singing competitions. Green was appointed as the coach and judge for The Voice in 2014.

Cedar Point Pic

Cedar Point Pic

Facts about Cee Lo Green 9: Age against the Machine

Age against the Machine is the 5th studio album of Green along with Goodie Mob. Both reunited to release the album in 2013. Get facts about Cascada here.

Facts about Cee Lo Green 10: Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Hotel Transylvania (2012) is one of the popular animated movies in the world. Do you know that Green featured in the movie as a voice actor?

Cee Lo Green Pic

Cee Lo Green Pic

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