10 Facts about Celadon Pottery

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One of the impressive arts originated from China is explained on Facts about Celadon Pottery. The term celadon is very unique. It is used by the artist to define the wave of celadon and a type of glaze on the celadon ceramic. The famous person who created various celadon works included Longquan kiln in Zhejiang province. Check other interesting facts about celadon pottery below:

Facts about Celadon Pottery 1: the popularity of Celadon pottery

As I have stated before, celadon pottery was originated in China. Then the popularity of this work spread to other Asian countries such as Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Facts about Celadon Pottery 2: the shards

The celadon ceramic glaze was found on the shards which had been discovered from the tomb in Zhejian. It was from 25 to 220 AD in Easter Han Dynasty. The ceramic was very common in 220-265 periods or during the Three Kingdoms. That’s based on the explanation of Archaeologist Wang Zhongshu. Get facts about Carl Sagan here.

Celadon Potteries

Celadon Potteries

Facts about Celadon Pottery 3: the true celadon

To be considered as a true celadon, the pottery should be heated with the minimum temperature at 2300 degree F or 1260 degree C.

Facts about Celadon Pottery 4: the preferred range of temperature

The preferred range of temperature selected to heat the celadon ceramic was around 2345 degree F to 2381 degree F or 1285 degree C to 1305 degree C.

Facts about Celadon Pottery

Facts about Celadon Pottery

Facts about Celadon Pottery 5: the color

If you check the color of the celadon pottery, it usually had the green or grey tone. The colors were obtained because during the firing process, ferric was transformed into ferrous iron.

Facts about Celadon Pottery 6: Longquan celadon wares

One of the most famous celadon potteries is Longquan celadon wares. The glazes of these celadon potteries were olive green and blue green based on the explanation of Nigel Wood. He believed that there were created during the Northern Song.

Celadon Pottery

Celadon Pottery

Facts about Celadon Pottery 7: the term celadon

European connoisseurs coined the term celadon due to the pale jade green glaze on the pottery.

Facts about Celadon Pottery 8: the various colors

Actually there are several colors that people can produce from celadon glazes. Those include yellow, blue, grey and white.

Celadon Pottery Pic

Celadon Pottery Pic

Facts about Celadon Pottery 9: the factors which affect the color

The color applied on the celadon pottery is based on several factors. It depends on the exact makeup of the glaze, type of clay and thickness of the glaze. Get facts about block printing here.

Facts about Celadon Pottery 10: the famous shades

The famous shades of celadon potteries include deep intense green and pale jade green.

Celadon Pottery Pattern

Celadon Pottery Pattern

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