10 Facts about Celebrities

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Facts about Celebrities talk about the person or a group of people who receive the wide public attention or fame in the media. It can be an individual, a family or a couple. The status of being a celebrity can make these people earn more money due to their fame. There is no need to wonder that the status of a celebrity is often associated with the people who have careers in entertainment and sports.  Here are other interesting facts about celebrities below:

Facts about Celebrities 1: the media attention

The person or a group of people can earn the media attention for various reasons.   You can earn it because of you are linked with the famous person, the controversial act, wealth or even lifestyle. Sometimes a political leader also earns a celebrity status.

Facts about Celebrities 2: celebrity status in the history

If you think that a celebrity status is only seen today, you are wrong.  There were several ancient Greek athletes earned the celebrities status. They were made into heroes. They got the gifts and applauses from fans. Find facts about Bruce Lee here.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Facts about Celebrities 3: Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket was another famous person in the history. After he was murdered, he became famous. He was promoted into a martyr in the Christian Church. Check facts about Catherine Zeta-Jones here.

Facts about Celebrities 4: how to get publicity

The publicity is very important in order to become a famous person. They have to use the media which include the newspaper, magazines or even TV to be known by the people.

Facts about Celebrities

Facts about Celebrities

Facts about Celebrities 5: the private life

The public is always interested with the scandal or even the private life of the high paid actors and actresses. In 1950s, people wanted to know more about the affairs of Raj Kapoor in Bollywood. In Hollywood, people wanted to know more about Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages.

Facts about Celebrities 6: the musicians

The musicians also earn the status of celebrities in the second half of the century. People wanted to know more about The Beatles or even Elvis Presley.



Facts about Celebrities 7: the highest paid celebrities in the world

If you are interested to know the highest paid celebrities in the world, you have to check the list released by Forbes Magazine per year.

Facts about Celebrities 8: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is very famous in the world. She is a talk show host and a media mogul who earned $290 million.

Celebrities Picture

Celebrities Picture

Facts about Celebrities 9: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a famous singer in the world. In 2010, she earned more than $90 million.

Facts about Celebrities 10: the celebrity athlete

One of the highest paid celebrity athletes was Tiger Woods who got $75 million in 2010.

Celebrities facts

Celebrities facts

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