10 Facts about Celery

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If you want to know the vegetable included in the variety of family Apiaceae, read Facts about Celery. The scientific name of this cultivated plant is Apium graveolens. Sometimes, the people eat the stalk of celery. The stalk is often eaten raw in North American regions. It can also be cooked it in the stew, salad, pot roast or soup. Here are some interesting facts about celery:

Facts about Celery 1: the seed of celery

The seed of celery is mainly used by the people as a spice for their homemade dishes.

Facts about Celery 2: the leave

The width of celery’s leaves is around 2 until 4 cm. They have the length around 1.2 until 2.4 inches or 3 to 6 cm. Find facts about cattails here.



Facts about Celery 3: the flowers

The diameter of the flower is around 2 till 3 mm. They have the creamy white color.

Facts about Celery 4: the word celery

The word celery was taken from the French word celery. It Italian, it is called seleri. The first description about celery was written in Volume One of his Species Plantarum in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus.

Celery Dishes

Celery Dishes

Facts about Celery 5: the usage of celery

In many parts of the world, celery is used by the people as a vegetable.  The leaves are used to create unique flavor on the stews or soup. The leaf stalk is often used by the people who live in North America. The root is used by the European people.

Facts about Celery 6: the seeds of celery

The celery plant is cultivated for its seed when they are grown in the temperate countries. The seeds are beneficial for the pharmaceutical and perfume industries due to the special smell.

Celery Facts

Celery Facts

Facts about Celery 7: the celery salt

Have you ever heard about the celery salt? The salt is mixed with celery. It can be made of mixing the dried leave or roots of celery with salt. The people often used this salt for cocktails or even seasoning the dishes.

Facts about Celery 8: the cuisines

The Cajun cuisines and Louisiana Creole depend on the ingredients on the bell pepper, onions and celery. Therefore, they are called as the holy trinity. Get facts about blueberries here.

Celery Juice

Celery Juice

Facts about Celery 9: soup and sauces

The sauces and soups are often made of onions, carrots and celery. There is no need to wonder that various kinds of soup will never be completed if you do not use any celery.

Facts about Celery 10: medicine

Since the ancient time, celery had been used for medicine. In AD 30, Aulus Cornelius Celsus depicted the usage of celery seed to relieve the pain.

Facts about Celery

Facts about Celery

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