10 Facts about Celia Cruz

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Find out the interesting information about the Cuban salsa singer and performer on Facts about Celia Cruz. She was born Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso. Celia Cruz is her stage name. She was born on 21st October 1925 and died on 16 July 2003. In 20th century, Cruz is considered as one of the most renowned salsa artists. Here are some interesting facts about Celia Cruz for you;

Facts about Celia Cruz 1: the awards and honors

Due to her contribution and popularity as a salsa artist, she earned National medal of Arts. She also had 23 gold albums.

Facts about Celia Cruz 2: the nickname

Celia Cruz had various nicknames. People often called her the Queen of Latin Music, Queen of Salsa and La Guarachera de Cuba.

Celia Cruz facts

Celia Cruz facts

Facts about Celia Cruz 3:  the career life

If you check her career life, she spent most of the time in some Latin American countries and United States. She is considered as one of the important singers in the Cuban music history.

Facts about Celia Cruz 4: the place of birth

As I have stated before, Ursula was born on 21 October 1925 in Santos Suárez in Havana, Cuba. It was a neighborhood inhabited by the diverse working class people. There were four kids in her family and she was the second child.

Facts about Celia Cruz

Facts about Celia Cruz

Facts about Celia Cruz 5: parents of Celia Cruz

Her mother was a homemaker. She was Catalina Alfonso. Her mother had to look after 14 members of the family. Her father was a railroad stoker, Simon Cruz. Find facts about Celine Dion here.

Facts about Celia Cruz 6: the influences

There were various singers and musicians who influenced her musical style when she was adult. Cruz grew up in the 1930s musical climate in Cuba. The musicians who had influenced her were Arsenio Rodríguez, Pablo Quevedo, Abelardo Barroso and Fernando Collazo.

Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz

Facts about Celia Cruz 7: santería

Cruz wanted to be a singer. However, her mother was against her since she was catholic. However, Cruz decided to learn Santeria from her neighbor.

Facts about Celia Cruz 8: Cruz in her teen age

Actually her father wanted Cruz to become a teacher, not a singer. But her teacher told Cruz that if she became a good entertainer, she could get more money than being a teacher.

Celia Cruz Singer

Celia Cruz Singer

Facts about Celia Cruz 9: the first recording

In 1948, Cruz made her first recording in Venezuela. Get facts about Calvin Harris here.

Facts about Celia Cruz 10: as an actress

Cruz was famous as a singer. But you can find her appeared in various movies as cameos. You watch her in Una gallega en La Habana (1952) and Salon México (1950).

Celia Cruz Pic

Celia Cruz Pic

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