10 Facts about Cell Membrane

Tuesday, November 10th 2015. | Biology

Facts about Cell Membrane talk about the biological membrane that people often call as the cytoplasmic membrane or plasma membrane. The membrane is considered as the separator between the inside area of the cells and the outer surrounding.  The movement of the substance inside and outside the cell is controlled by the cell membrane due to the permeable feature. Here are other interesting facts about cell membrane:

Facts about Cell Membrane 1: the basic function

Can you guess the basic function of cell membrane? It is used to give protection for the cell from the surrounding areas. You can find embedded proteins located on the phospholipid bilayer.

Facts about Cell Membrane 2: the cellular processes

There are various cellular processes which involve the cell membrane. The processes include the cell signaling, ion conductivity, and cell adhesion. The intracellular cytoskeleton, glycocalyx and cell wall are attached to the cell membranes.

Cell Membrane Facts

Cell Membrane Facts

Facts about Cell Membrane 3: the location of the cell membranes

As I have stated before, the cell membrane is located between the intracellular components and extracellular components. The cytoplasm of the living cells is located around cell membranes.

Facts about Cell Membrane 4: the cell wall

The cell wall is attached to the cell membranes. The living organisms which have the cell wall include plants, bacteria and fungi. Find facts about cell wall here.

Cell Membrane Function

Cell Membrane Function

Facts about Cell Membrane 5: the movement of substance

The movement of substance is related to the cell membrane. It can be active or passive. The active movement is seen if the cell needs the energy for the movement. If it does not need energy, it is called the passive movement. Get facts about biomolecules here.

Facts about Cell Membrane 6: diffusion

The diffusion process is occurred during the process of transporting the oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is considered as a passive process.

Facts about Cell Membrane

Facts about Cell Membrane

Facts about Cell Membrane 7: amphipathic lipids

There are three classes of amphipathic lipids inside the cell membranes. Those include sterols, glycolipids and phospholipids.

Facts about Cell Membrane 8: phospholipids

The amount of phospholipids in the cell membrane is the most abundant one even though the amount of the lipid depends on the cell type.

Cell Membrane Pic

Cell Membrane Pic

Facts about Cell Membrane 9: carbohydrates

Besides protein and lipid, carbohydrates are found in the cell membranes too.  Glycoproteins are the predominant one. It may contain gangliosides or cerebrosides too.

Facts about Cell Membrane 10: ATP

The synthesis of ATP is facilitated by the membranes located in the chloroplasts of eukaryotes and membranes of prokaryotes by having the process of chemiosmosis.

Cell Membrane Structure

Cell Membrane Structure

Do you have any opinion on facts about cell membranes?

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