10 Facts about Cell Organelles

Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | Biology

Facts about Cell Organelles talk about the specialized subunit inside a cell. The lipid bilayer usually is the one which enclose and separate the individual organelles inside the cells. Each organelle has a special function. If you scrutinize the eukaryotic cells, there are various kinds of organelles on the cells. Let’s find out other interesting facts about organelles by reading the below post:

Facts about Cell Organelles 1: Karl August Möbius

Karl August Möbius was the German zoologist who took the credit for the usage of a diminutive or organ. Organula was the tern used by this zoologist for the cellular structure.

Facts about Cell Organelles 2: the definition of organelle based on the cell biologist

The term organelle is considered similar with the cell compartment based on the opinion of most cell biologists.

Cell Organelles Types

Cell Organelles Types

Facts about Cell Organelles 3: the specific definition

The cell biologists who choose the specific definition of cell organelles state that a term can only be applied on those which contain DNA.

Facts about Cell Organelles 4: the organelles which contain DNA

The organelles which contain DNA include plastids which can be found on some protists, algae and plants. Almost all eukaryotes contain mitochondria.

Facts about Cell Organelles

Facts about Cell Organelles

Facts about Cell Organelles 5: the organelles which do not contain DNA

There are several organisms which have the organelles without DNA. It can be found on the flagellum.

Facts about Cell Organelles 6: Eukaryotic cells

The structure of Eukaryotic cells is very complex. The lipid membranes enclose the interior compartments of the cells.

Cell Organelles Image

Cell Organelles Image

Facts about Cell Organelles 7: the large organelles

You can use the light microscope to scrutinize the large organelles on the eukaryotic cells. You will be able to observe the vacuoles and nucleus. Mitochondria are considered as the common organelle that can be found in most eukaryotic cells.

Facts about Cell Organelles 8: the Prokaryotes cells

If you compare the Eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells, the latter ones are less complex. In the past, people believe that the internal organization of the prokaryotic cells was little. Find facts about cell wall here.

Cell Organelles

Cell Organelles

Facts about Cell Organelles 9: the most recent research about prokaryotic cells

It is stated that some prokaryotes have the micro compartments based on the current research about this cell. The diameter of the compartment is around 100–200 nm. The shell of protein is seen as the enclosure of this sub cellular compartment. Get facts about cell membrane here.

Facts about Cell Organelles 10: bacteria

Based on the report in 2006, bacteria have the membrane-bound magnetosomes. In 2005, it is reported that bacteria had Planctomycetes. It is the nucleus like structure.

Cell Organelles Facts

Cell Organelles Facts

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