10 Facts about Cell Phones

Tuesday, November 10th 2015. | Technology

Facts about Cell Phones talk about a telephone that you can use within the service area even though the user is moving around. The people can receive or even make a call based on the radio frequency carrier. The connection to the PSTN or public switched telephone network is established by the mobile phone operator. The cellular network is applied in the modern mobile telephone service. Check other interesting facts about cell phones below:

Facts about Cell Phones 1: the features of modern cell phones

You can make a call using the modern cell phones. Actually there are other features that you can get here such as internet access, email, messaging, MMS, Bluetooth, infrared, photography, gaming, and other business applications.

Facts about Cell Phones 2: the Smartphone

People can get high end cell phones called Smartphone. It features a lot of useful applications. Get facts about blogs here.

Cell Phones Facts

Cell Phones Facts

Facts about Cell Phones 3: the handheld mobile phone

In 1973, John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper who were from Motorola demonstrated the first usage of handheld mobile phone. The first commercially available cell phone was DynaTAC 8000x in 1983.

Facts about Cell Phones 4: subscriptions

Cell phone is considered as one of the important items today. The subscriptions of mobile phone were around 7 billion in 1983 until 2014.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Facts about Cell Phones 5: the top manufacturers

Do you know the top manufacturers of cell phones in the world? They were Samsung, Apple, LG and Nokia in 2014.

Facts about Cell Phones 6: the innovation

If you check the features of the modern cell phones, most of them have something in common. However, the manufacturers decide to attract the customers using the unique and innovative features.

Cell Phones Today

Cell Phones Today

Facts about Cell Phones 7: the component of cell phones

There are several components that you can find on the cell phones. Those include the screen, battery, an input mechanism, and a SIM Card.

Facts about Cell Phones 8: the function of the battery

The battery on the cell phone has the main function as the power source. If the cell phone is in low battery, you need to recharge it.

Cell Phones History

Cell Phones History

Facts about Cell Phones 9: the screen and input mechanism

If you want to know the text messages, contacts, wallpaper and photos, all of them will be displayed on the screen. If you want to interact with the cell phones, you can use the keypad. If you pick the Smartphone, it features the touch screen.

Facts about Cell Phones 10: the low end and high end phone

The high end phone is more expensive than the low end phone since it has more features and high technology. The low end phone only gives the people with the basic telephony. Find facts about bitmap here.

Facts about Cell Phones

Facts about Cell Phones

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