10 Facts about Cell Wall

Tuesday, November 10th 2015. | Biology

If you want to study more about cell, you have to check Facts about Cell Wall. The cells are surrounded by the cell wall. It has the flexible and tough texture. In some cases, the texture of cell wall is rigid. It depends on the cell type. The main function of the cell wall is to give the organism the filtering mechanism, protection and support. Let’s find out other interesting facts about cell wall below:

Facts about Cell Wall 1: a pressure level

The pressure level of inside the cell is managed by the cell wall. When the water enters the cell, the cell wall will prevent the over expansion.

Facts about Cell Wall 2: the presence of cell walls

The living organisms in the world which have the cell wall include fungi and plants. They can be found in prokaryotic cells except  mycoplasmas.

Cell Wall Facts

Cell Wall Facts

Facts about Cell Wall 3: the composition

It is not easy to define the composition of the cell wall in the living organism in general since each of them is unique. The cell wall’s composition depends on the cell type and species. Check cells facts here.

Facts about Cell Wall 4: the land plants and cell wall

The land plants have the cell wall. It is composed of pectin, hemicelluloses and polysaccharides cellulose.

Facts about Cell Wall

Facts about Cell Wall

Facts about Cell Wall 5: the fungi

What about the composition of cell wall inside the fungi? It has glucosamine polymer chitin. If you check the composition of the cell wall inside Archaean. It contains polysaccharides, pseudopeptidoglycan or glycoprotein S-layers.

Facts about Cell Wall 6: the cell wall of algae and bacteria

The cell wall of bacteria is composed of peptidoglycan. Polysaccharides and glycoproteins form the cell wall of algae. Biogenic silica is used to form the cell wall of diatoms. Get facts about algae here.

Cell Wall Structure

Cell Wall Structure

Facts about Cell Wall 7: the purposes of cell walls

In general, the cell wall gives the multicellular organisms to maintain its shape. It also prevents the presence of the mechanical stress due to the protection, strength and rigidity that it offers to the cells.

Facts about Cell Wall 8: the toxic substance

The cell wall gives great protection for the cell. The substance which may be toxic to the cell will be limited to enter the cell.

Cell Wall Plant

Cell Wall Plant

Facts about Cell Wall 9: the texture of the cell wall

The cell wall has flexible, yet rigid texture. The plant tissue is rigid due to the presence of cell wall.

Facts about Cell Wall 10: the secondary cell wall

The secondary cell wall is spotted in plants. The rigid texture of the cell wall is increased because of this additional layer. The secondary cell walls are available on the bark and wood cells of the plants.

Cell Wall

Cell Wall

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