10 Facts about Cellulite

Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | Health

Facts about Cellulite talk about the skin dimpling or modularity. People also call this condition status protrusus cutis, dermopanniculosis deformans, adiposis edematosa, orange peel syndrome or gynoid lipodystrophy. The cellulite is often seen on the abdomen, lower limbs and buttocks. They are often seen in pelvic region. Check other interesting facts about cellulite below:

Facts about Cellulite 1: the occurrence

Most post pubescent female have to deal with cellulites. The risk for the women to have cellulites is around 85 to 98 percent.

Facts about Cellulite 2: physiologic cause

Cellulite is mostly seen on the women because of the psychological cause. The studies also state that cellulite is also caused by hereditary, hormones and other factors.

Cellulite Facts

Cellulite Facts

Facts about Cellulite 3: the common causes of cellulites

Let’s find out the causes of cellulites in details.  It occurs because of the bad exercise habit, psychology, metabolism, changes on the connective tissues, extracellular matrix, microcirculatory system, genetic factors and subtle inflammatory.

Facts about Cellulite 4: the hormone

The formation of cellulite is primarily caused by the hormone. The cellulite is often seen because estrogen. However, there is no crucial proof which can support this belief.

Cellulite Pic

Cellulite Pic

Facts about Cellulite 5: other kinds of hormones

The other kinds of hormones which play an important role in the formation of cellulite include prolactin, thyroid hormones, noradrenaline, catecholamines adrenaline and insulin.

Facts about Cellulite 6: the factors which affect the cellulite formation

The factors such as circulatory insufficiency, predisposition to lymphatic, distribution of subcutaneous fat, race, sex and biotype are believed to contribute to the presence of cellulite.

Cellulite Tips

Cellulite Tips

Facts about Cellulite 7: the lifestyle

The people who have higher level of stress in their life have higher risk of having cellulite. When you are very stressful, the level of catecholamines which contribute to the presence of cellulite is higher. Find facts about caffeine here.

Facts about Cellulite 8: the treatment

It is not easy to treat the cellulite on the body for cellulite is considered as a multifactorial condition. However, there are many beauty products marketed to treat this skin condition. The radio frequency with deep penetration on the cellulite is considered as one of the non invasive therapies. Get facts about cardiovascular fitness here.

Facts about Cellulite

Facts about Cellulite

Facts about Cellulite 9: the males and cellulite

Sex plays an important factor in the occurrence of cellulite. It is mostly found on women than on men.

Facts about Cellulite 10: the risk of male having cellulite

The risk of having cellulite on males is higher for those who have postcastration states, Klinefelter’s syndrome and hypogonadism state.



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