10 Facts about Censorship

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The suppression of information, communication and speech considered as harmful, objectionable and sensitive is explained on facts about censorship.  The institution, government, or media outlet usually has the responsibility to define and supervise censorship. The individuals, private organization and governments can participate in censorship.

Facts about Censorship 1: the self censorship

Many people do not realize that there is self censorship. When you apply censorship on the speech, book or works, you do a self censorship.

Facts about Censorship 2: the types of censorship

There are two main types of censorships. The people or institution can conduct the indirect or direct censorship.

Censorship and Book

Censorship and Book

Facts about Censorship 3: the applications of censorship

Censorship can be applied in various types of media. It can occur on the books, movies, music, speech, poster, art, painting, radio, internet, TV program, and press.

Facts about Censorship 4: the reasons behind censorship

There are various reasons why the media like books or movies are censored.  Censorship can be used to control obscenity, to protect national security, the prevent the hate of speech, to avoid the child pornography, and many more.

Facts about Censorship

Facts about Censorship

Facts about Censorship 5: the legality

It is not easy to define the legality of the direct censorship.  The legality can be seen on the content, place and style. Therefore, the direct censorship probably is legal or not legal.

Facts about Censorship 6: the military censorship

There is a military censorship used to keep all tactics and intelligence in the military confidential. To get the military information leaked, the enemy often has the espionage. Get facts about army here.



Facts about Censorship 7: Book censorship

The censorship can be conducted by the government or even institution. When a certain book is banned in a country, it will be removed from the libraries and schools.

Facts about Censorship 8: the censorship in films

There are various reasons why a film is censored. It can be caused by the obscenity, pornography, ethnic stereotyping, racial attitudes and many more.

Censorship Movie

Censorship Movie

Facts about Censorship 9: music

It is very surprising that censorship can be applied on music too. The educational system, religions, states, retailers, groups and families can do the censorship.

Facts about Censorship 10: photos censorship

The photo censorship occurred in 2015 after the magistrate court of London ordered that the paintings and photos created by Graham Ovenden to be destroyed. He is a visual artist and photographer from Britain. The copies of his works located in online Tate gallery were removed too.

Censorship Facts

Censorship Facts

What do you think on facts about censorship?

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