10 Facts about Centaurs

Thursday, November 12th 2015. | Mythology

If you are curious to know the mythological creature, check Facts about Centaurs.  The depiction of this creature is seen in various images. The lower body resembles the shape of a horse, while the upper body is the human. The composition of centaur body is very unique since it presents the half horse and half human body. Check other interesting facts about centaurs below:

Facts about Centaurs 1: the luminal being

Centaur is considered as a luminal being by various writers. It is due to the facts that the body of centaur is trapped between two natures of human and horse.

Facts about Centaurs 2: the birth of centaur

The mythology states that centaur was born from Ixion and Nephele. Another source states that centaur was born from Magnesian mares and a particular Centaurus. The myth further states that the Centaurus probably was the son of Ixion and Nephele. Another one believed that it was the son of Apollo and Stilbe. Stilbe’s father was Penus. He was the god of river.

Facts about Centaur

Facts about Centaur

Facts about Centaurs 3: the place of living

The myth states that centaurs occupied the Malean peninsula in southern Laconia, Foloi oak forest in Elis and Magnesia and Mount Pelion in Thessaly.

Facts about Centaurs 4: the Roman mythology

Centaur is not only depicted in the Greek mythology, but also in Roman mythology.  If you check Great Cameo of Constantine, you can cheek the pictures of a pair of centaurs drawing the chariot of Constantine the Great and his family.



Facts about Centaurs 5: the famous events

There was a famous event which always reminded the people with centaurs. The centaurs had a fight with the Lapiths. However, centaurs lost in the fight after Theseus involved in the fight to help Pirithous.

Facts about Centaurs 6: Caeneus

Caeneus was famous as the Lapith hero. Centaurs were able to beat this hero into the earth using the branches of trees and rocks even though he was untouchable to weapons.



Facts about Centaurs 7: the representation of centaurs in Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, centaurs were considered as untamed, wild and aggressive horse. Find facts about Ares here.

Facts about Centaurs 8: centaur in art

Centaur was used as a subject in the Greek pottery. The example can be seen soon the tomb of hero at lefkandi.

Centaur Image

Centaur Image

Facts about Centaurs 9: the female centaurs

The depiction of female centaurs was seen in the later antiquity since it was not spotted in the beginning of Greek art and literature. The female one is called Kentaurides. Get facts about Calypso here.

Facts about Centaurs 10: the earliest example of Kentaurides

One of the earliest examples of Kentaurides in art was seen in 4th century in a Macedonian mosaic.



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