10 Facts about Centipedes

Thursday, November 12th 2015. | Animals

Facts about Centipedes present the arthropods which have various numbers of legs. The animal is included in the subphylum Myriapoda and the class Chilopoda. The word centipedes were taken from the Latin word. It means hundred feet. Per body segment of centipedes has one pair of legs. The number of legs of centipedes is varied.  The legs can be 30 to 354. Here are other interesting facts about centipedes to note:

Facts about Centipedes 1: the odd number of legs

It is very surprising to know that the number of legs that centipedes have is always in odd number. There is no need to wonder that you will never find any centipedes with the number of legs at 100.

Facts about Centipedes 2: the venom

The first appendage of centipedes forms the forcipules or a pair of venom claws. The body of centipedes can come in red or brown color.



Facts about Centipedes 3: the size of centipedes

The size of centipedes is various too.  Lithobiomorphs and geophilomorphs only have the length at few mm. If you check the largest scolopendromorphs, it can reach 12 inches or 30 cm.

Facts about Centipedes 4: the habitat

It is easy to find centipedes since it can live in various conditions and environments. The bright aposematic colors on the body of centipedes are often spotted on the animals which live in tropical area. The lack pigmentation on the body color can be seen on the centipedes which live in cave.

Centipedes Facts

Centipedes Facts

Facts about Centipedes 5: the species

Can you guess the number of species of centipedes? The reports state that it has around 8,000 different species of centipedes. Only 3,000 of them have been explained and described.

Facts about Centipedes 6: the range

Centipedes can cover various ranges in the world. You can also spot them reaching the Arctic Circle. You can also spot them in the desert or even rainforest.

Facts about Centipedes

Facts about Centipedes

Facts about Centipedes 7: the moist micro habitat

To stay alive, centipedes should find out the moist micro habitat. Therefore, you can find them living under stone, leaf litter, dead woods, logs and soil. Get facts about caterpillars here.

Facts about Centipedes 8: the head

The head of centipedes is flattened or rounded. You can find a pair antennae on the head.

Centipedes Pic

Centipedes Pic

Facts about Centipedes 9: the eyes

Centipedes have lack eyes. The true compound eyes are formed from the ocelli. There is no real vision from the eyes. They can only distinguish dark and light. Get facts about catfish here.

Facts about Centipedes 10: the nocturnal animals

In general, centipedes are nocturnal animals. But you can find the diurnal one such as Strigamia chinophila.



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