10 Facts about Central America

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Let’s find out the southernmost part of North American continent on Facts about Central America. There are various countries which border Central America. Those include Colombia to the southeast, Mexico to the north and Pacific Ocean to the west and Caribbean Sea to the east. If you to know the countries located in Central America and other interesting information about it, check the following post below:

Facts about Central America 1: the countries

There are several countries located in Central America. Those include Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Facts about Central America 2: the population in Central America

Can you guess the number of the people who live in Central America from all those seven countries? In 2009, there were 41,739,000 people who lived here. In 2012, it was estimated that Central America was occupied by 42,688,190 people.

Central America Beauty

Central America Beauty

Facts about Central America 3: the land mass

The total land mass in Central America is around 202,230 square miles or 523,780 square km. It occupies 0.1 percent from the total surface on the planet.

Facts about Central America 4: Central America during the pre Columbian era

The indigenous people of Mesoamerica occupied Central America during the Pre-Columbia era. Most of them were the Aztec and Mayan people.

Central America

Central America

Facts about Central America 5: the colonization

The colonization in Central America began when Spanish arrived in the area. It was after the voyages of Christopher Columbus in Americas. Get facts about American rivers here.

Facts about Central America 6: CAFTA

CAFTA stands for Central American Free Trade Agreement. It was an agreement along the countries such as El Salvador, United States, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala signed in 2004. The importance of the agreement is to present the free trade.

Central America Tour

Central America Tour

Facts about Central America 7: the largest economy

The country with the largest economy is Guatemala. The annual export of the country reaches 10.29 billion dollars. It exports various products like sugar, coffee, clothing, petroleum, bananas, and cardamom.

Facts about Central America 8: Belize

Belize is the country in Central America known by the people due to its magnificent tourism. Tourism sector will be used by the primary minister of Belize, Dean Barrow to reduce the poverty. Get facts about Belize here.

Central America Facts

Central America Facts

Facts about Central America 9: the most visited nation

Do you know the most visited country in Central America? It is Costa Rica. This country is famous with its tourism industries.

Facts about Central America 10: the forest

Central America and Southern Mexico are the home of the Central American pine-oak forests and coniferous forests.

Facts about Central America

Facts about Central America

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