10 Facts about Central Park

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Get the interesting information about the urban park in New York City on Facts about Central Park. Have you ever visited Central Park before? You just have to go to the middle upper Manhattan to check the view of Central Park. This location is very famous in the world. There is no need to wonder that many people who come to New York City also spend their time to visit the park. Moreover, there are various Hollywood movie set here. Check other interesting facts about Central Park below:

Facts about Central Park 1: the opening of Central Park

In 1857, Central Park was opened for the first time on the total area of 315 ha or 778 acres.

Facts about Central Park 2: the construction of Central Park

There was a design competition used to increase and expand Central Park in 1858. The winners of the competitions were Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The title of their design for the park was Greensward Plan. In the later years, both men were considered as the famous architects and landscapers.

Central Park Facts

Central Park Facts

Facts about Central Park 3: the expansion

In 1873, Central Park was expanded into 341 ha or 843 acres. That’s considered as the current size of the park today.

Facts about Central Park 4: National Historic Landmark

In 1962, National Park Service administered and U.S. Department of the Interior listed Central Park as the National Historic Landmark.

Central Park Image

Central Park Image

Facts about Central Park 5: the management of the Central Park

New York City Department of Recreation and Parks managed Central Park in the past. Now Central Park Conservancy manages the park under the contract with the municipal government. Get facts about Cedar Point here.

Facts about Central Park 6: the visitor attractions

There are various attractions that you can find in Central Park. Those include Burnett Memorial Fountain, Fort Clinton, McGown’s Pass Tavern and Victorian Gardens.

Central Park New York

Central Park New York

Facts about Central Park 7: sculptures

You can spot 29 different sculptures in Central Park. Those are made by the famous sculptors such as John Quincy Adams Ward and Emma Stebbins.

Facts about Central Park 8: Central Park Conservatory Pond

If you visit Central Park Conservatory Pond, you can spot the sculpture made by José de Creeft. It is named Alice in Wonderland Margaret Delacorte Memorial. Get facts about Blue John Mine here.

Central Park

Central Park

Facts about Central Park 9: the first large public sculpture

The first large public sculpture was made by Emma Stebbins in 1873. The title is Angel of the Waters at Bethesda Terrace.

Facts about Central Park 10: Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields can be found in Central Park. The New York City gave 2.5 acre to commemorate the 45th birthday of John Lennon. The trees were gained from various countries in the world as the donation.

Facts about Central Park

Facts about Central Park

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