10 Facts about Central Powers

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Get the useful Facts about Central Powers in the below post. There were several countries included in the central powers. Those were Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and Germany. This alliance is also recognized by the people as the Quadruple Alliance. During the First World War in 1914 until 1918, it was considered one of the two primary factions.  Here are some interesting facts about central powers to note:

Facts about Central Powers 1: the Allied Powers

The Allied Power defeated the Central Powers. In 1879, Germany and Austria-Hungary created the first alliance. When the First World War broke out, Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers.

Facts about Central Powers 2: the exact year for joining the central power

In 1914, the Ottoman Empire joined the alliances. Then it was followed by Kingdom Bulgaria in the following year. At the beginning of the First World War, Austro-Hungarian Empire and German Empire were the only members of Central Powers.

Central Powers facts

Central Powers facts

Facts about Central Powers 3: the name of the alliance

The alliances of German, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire were called Central Powers due to the location of the countries. All of them are located in the center location where United Kingdom and France are spotted in the west and Russian Empire is in the east.

Facts about Central Powers 4: which countries joined the Central Powers?

After Russian Empire collapsed, there were several countries which joined Central Powers. Those were Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Finland.

Central Powers Image

Central Powers Image

Facts about Central Powers 5: Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand was the Archduke of Austro-Hungarian Empire. His assassination increased the possibility of the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

Facts about Central Powers 6: the intervention

German empire decided to help Austro-Hungary if Russia decided to intervene and the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary happened.

Central Powers Map

Central Powers Map

Facts about Central Powers 7: a general mobilization

There was a general mobilization conducted by Russia which made Germany prepared for the war. Therefore, both were in the state of war.

Facts about Central Powers 8: France and Russia

France also had a general mobilization since the country was an ally of Russia. Check Blitz World War 2 facts here.

Facts about Central Powers

Facts about Central Powers

Facts about Central Powers 9: the war declaration

Germany declared to have a war with Russia. Then it also declared to have a war with France on August 3rd, 1914. Get facts about Berlin Blockade here.

Facts about Central Powers 10: Great Britain

Great Britain declared a war with Germany after Treaty of London was violated by Germany when the country controlled Belgium to make their attack to Paris. The Treaty of London was signed by Great Britain and Germany to maintain the Belgian neutrality.

Central Powers

Central Powers

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