10 Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania

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The borough in Columbia County, Pennsylvania is explained on Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania. It is considered as a near ghost town. The population of this borough is declined rapidly. In 1981, the borough was inhabited by 1,000 people. Do you know that there were only 10 people living in Centralia in 2010? Here are some interesting facts about Centralia to note:

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 1: the decline of the population

The main reason of the decline of the population in Centralia is because of the Centralia mine fire. Since 1962, the mine fire has been burning beneath the borough.

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 2: the role of Centralia in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Centralia is considered as the municipality with least population. It is included in the metropolitan area of Bloomsburg-Berwick. Conyngham Township is located around Centralia.

Centralia Pennsylvania Facts

Centralia Pennsylvania Facts

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 3: the properties in Centralia

In 1992, the Commonwealth of Centralia was used as the eminent domain for all properties in Centralia. In 2002, Postal Service revoked the ZIP code in Centralia.

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 4: the agreement

On 29 October 2013, there was an agreement between the remaining residents of Centralia and the local and state officials of Centralia. After the rights of the properties of the remaining residents were included in the eminent domain, they could live there.

Centralia Pennsylvania

Centralia Pennsylvania

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 5: the beginning of the mining industry

In 1856, the first two mines were opened in Centralia. Both were the Locust Run Mine and Coal Ridge Mine.

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 6: other minings

There were several other mines opened in Centralia. In 1860, there was Hazeldell Colliery Mine. In 1862, Centralia Mine was opened. In 1863, the people spotted the Continental Mine.

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 7: as a borough

In 1866, Centralia received the status as a borough. The founder of the town was Alexander Rae. On 17 October 1868, he was murdered when he had a trip between Centralia and Mount Carmel by the members of Molly Maguires. Get facts about Castleton here.

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 8: the pinnacle day

During the pinnacle days, there were 27 saloons, a bank, two theaters, five hotels, 7 churches, 14 general and grocery stones and a post office located in Centralia.

Centralia Pennsylvania Pic

Centralia Pennsylvania Pic

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 9: the abandoned Centralia

Centralia was abandoned completely by the people after there was a fire beneath the mine of the town in 1962. Get facts about Camden Town here.

Facts about Centralia Pennsylvania 10: the lawsuit

There were 8 remaining residents who settled the lawsuit on 31 October 2013. They earned $349,500 as part of the settlement. The 20-year legal battle finally was over. The residents got the permission to stay in the house in Centralia as long as they live.



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