10 Facts about Cephalopods

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Facts about cephalopods tell you about the marine animals included in the molluscan class of Cephalopoda. The name of this class is taken from the Greek word. In English, it means head feet. Can you tell me the characteristics of cephalopods? They have a prominent head. The body has the bilateral symmetry. The body also features several tentacles of arms. Here are other interesting facts about cephalopods to note:

Facts about Cephalopods 1: the common name

Not many people realize the definition of cephalopods. But the people often call the marine animals with the common name ink fish. It is due to the fact that cephalopods can squirt ink.

Facts about Cephalopods 2: teuthology

The people who are very interested to study and learn more about cephalopods in detail should take a look at teuthology. It is considered as a branch of malacology.

Cephalopod Facts

Cephalopod Facts

Facts about Cephalopods 3: Ordovician period

During the Ordovician period, the population of Cephalopods was abundant. This statement can be proved by the presence of the primitive nautiloids.

Facts about Cephalopods 4: the subclasses

There are two members in the class. Those are Nautiloidea and Coleoidea. The members of the former subclass include Allonautilus and Nautilus. Cuttlefish, squid and octopuses are included in the subclass of Coleoidea.



Facts about Cephalopods 5: the differences of Coleoidea and Nautiloidea

Do you know the differences between Nautiloidea and Coleoidea? It can be seen from the presence of the molluscan cells.  The first subclass has the external shell, while the latter one does not have any molluscan shell or it can be the internalized shell.

Facts about Cephalopods 6: the living species of cephalopods

The experts have identified around 800 species of cephalopods. Belemnoidea and Ammonoidea are the important taxa which had been extinct.

Cephalopods Facts

Cephalopods Facts

Facts about Cephalopods 7: the habitat

It is not difficult to find out Cephalopods. They can be seen living in all seawater in the world. They cannot live in the freshwater area. Lolliguncula brevis is the exception for it can live in brackish water. People spot this squid in Chesapeake Bay. Find facts about Centipedes here.

Facts about Cephalopods 8: Hawaiian bobtail squid

Hawaiian bobtail squid has the scientific name Euprymna scolopes. It likes to bury the body inside the sand.



Facts about Cephalopods 9: the nervous system

The nervous system of Cephalopods is more complex than the other invertebrates since the brain is larger than other members of grastropods. The cartilaginous cranium protects the brain. Moreover, they have the well developed senses. Get facts about butterfly fish here.

Facts about Cephalopods 10: a social animal

If you want to know the best example of social animal, you need to check the behavior of Cephalopods.

Facts about Cephalopods

Facts about Cephalopods

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