10 Facts about Ceramics

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Facts about Ceramics present the information about the non metallic and inorganic solid material. Ceramic is always associated with potteries even though this material can be used to produce different kinds of products. The ceramic is made of the metalloid, non metal or metal atoms. You have the ceramic in semi crystalline or the highly oriented crystalline. Check other interesting facts about ceramics below:

Facts about Ceramics 1: the bonds

Ceramics have the ionic and covalent bonds. Thus, this material is often used for the electrical and thermal insulators. Get facts about carbon cycle here.

Facts about Ceramics 2: the specification of ceramics in general

It is not easy for the people to specify the characteristics of ceramic in general because of the various types of bondings, structures, composition, electrical conductivity, hardness and toughness.

Ceramics Art

Ceramics Art

Facts about Ceramics 3: the common characteristics

But in general, people consider ceramic as the material which has the chemical resistance, poor conductivity, high melting temperature, low ductility, chemical resistance, high moduli of elasticity and high hardness. Superconductive ceramics, glass transition temperature and piezoelectric ceramics do not have those common characteristics.

Facts about Ceramics 4: the composites

There are several composites excluded in the ceramic family such as carbon fiber and fiberglass even though both of them have the ceramic materials. Find facts about candles here.

Ceramics Facts

Ceramics Facts

Facts about Ceramics 5: the usage of ceramic

Ceramic is used in various fields. It is the common material for industrial, domestic and building products. People also use it to create the fascinating arts.

Facts about Ceramics 6: ceramic art

The ceramic material is also used in ceramic art. People apply it to create the sculpture, art ware, figurines, tableware and tiles.

Facts about Ceramics

Facts about Ceramics

Facts about Ceramics 7: the types of ceramic

There are four primary types of ceramic products. Those are the technical, white wares, refractories and structural ceramic products.  The technical ceramic products include biomedical implants, ceramic disk brake, gas burner nozzles, and missile nose cones.

Facts about Ceramics 8: whitewares

The whit wares ceramic products include the pottery products, wall tiles, sanitary ware, cookware, and tableware.



Facts about Ceramics 9: the structures and refractory

The gas fire radiant, kiln lining and glass making crucibles are included as refractory product. The floor, tiles, roof tiles, pipes and brick are included as structural ceramic products.

Facts about Ceramics 10: clay

There are ceramic products infused with clays. The high amount of kaolin is used to create porcelain. When people want to create earthenware, it will be fired at lower temperature.

Ceramics Pic

Ceramics Pic

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