10 Facts about Ceratosaurus

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Facts about Ceratosaurus tell you about the large predatory theropod dinosaur. The name of this dinosaur was taken from the Greek word of keras or keratos and sauros. The latter one means lizard, while the former one means horn. Therefore, you can call it horned lizard. It was named Ceratosaurus because it had the horn on the nose. Here are some interesting facts about Ceratosaurus to note:

Facts about Ceratosaurus 1: Ceratosaurus life

Ceratosaurus lived in Kimmeridgian to Tithonian or during the Late Jurassic period.

Facts about Ceratosaurus 2: where was Ceratosaurus found?

The people found out Ceratosaurus in Lourinhã Formation of Portugal and Morrison Formation of North America. The experts also believed that it might be found in Tanzania in Tendaguru Formation.

Ceratosaurus Facts

Ceratosaurus Facts

Facts about Ceratosaurus 3: the characteristics

Can you mention the characteristics of Ceratosaurus? It has the blade like horn on the snout and blade like teeth. Over the eyes, you can spot a pair of hornlets. It has short, yet powerful forelimb.

Facts about Ceratosaurus 4: Ceratosaurus and the common theropod

Let’s find out the differences of Ceratosaurus with other typical theropod. It has large brown horns and nasal.  It has also has large skull. The prominent feature of this dinosaur was seen on nose horn. In the front parts of each eye, you can spot smaller hornlike ridges.

Ceratosaurus Pic

Ceratosaurus Pic

Facts about Ceratosaurus 5: dermal armor

The dermal armor was seen from the middle until the back part of Ceratosaurus. It considered as a unique feature of Ceratosaurus.

Facts about Ceratosaurus 6: the length of the tail

The length of the tail is around 50 percent of the total length of its body. The tail is very flexible and thin.

Ceratosaurus Picture

Ceratosaurus Picture

Facts about Ceratosaurus 7: the specimen

The length of the specimen of Ceratosaurus is around 5.5 meter or 18 feet.  There is no exact report whether this specimen is the mature version or not. The estimated maximum length of Ceratosaurus was 6.1 meter or 20 feet based on the insight of David B. Norman. Find facts about carnivores here.

Facts about Ceratosaurus 8: the weight of Ceratosaurus

It is not easy to define the exact weight of Ceratosaurus. C. nasicornis holotype skeleton was estimated by Gregory S.Paul to have the weight 1,155 lb or 524 kilogram. The heavier one was seen on the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry which had the weight at 2,160 lb or 980 kilograms.

Facts about Ceratosaurus

Facts about Ceratosaurus

Facts about Ceratosaurus 9: the discovery of Ceratosaurus

In 1884, Marsh depicted the species. The species was known after its discovery in Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Utah and Dry Mesa Quarry, Colorado. Get Facts about Carcharodontosaurus here.

Facts about Ceratosaurus 10: the additional species

The additional species of Ceratosaurus include Ceratosaurus stechowi and Ceratosaurus ingens. Both were found in less complete materials.



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