10 Facts about Cern

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If you are interested to know the European research organization in the world which operates the largest particle of physics laboratory, you need to check Facts about Cern. CERN stands for “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”. It is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. There are 22 member states in Cern. In 1954, this organization was formed. The base of Cern is located on the Franco-Swiss border. Here are some interesting facts about Cern to note:

Facts about Cern 1: the full membership

The only non European country which earns the full membership in Cern is Israel. It is considered as the only and first one which earns the status.

Facts about Cern 2: the staff members

There were around 2,513 staff members in 2013. Sometimes, the people use the word Cern to call the laboratory. This laboratory also had 12,313 associates, fellows, visiting engineers, visiting scientists, apprentices. They were used to represent the universities and research facilities.

Facts about Cern

Facts about Cern

Facts about Cern 3: the World Wide Web

Do you know that World Wide Web was created in Cern? Historically, it has been a home of the major wide area networking hub because it has a very large computer facility. It contains powerful data processing facilities.

Facts about Cern 4: the main function

Cern has the responsibility to provide the infrastructure for the scientists to make physics research. Therefore, Cern has constructed various kinds of researches.

Cern Location

Cern Location

Facts about Cern 5: the convention

There were 12 countries which established the convention about Cern on September 29th, 1954 in Western Europe. Get facts about Boyle’s Laws here.

Facts about Cern 6: The acronym CERN

As I have stated before, Cern stands for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire. It was taken from French which means European Council for Nuclear Research. It was established in 1952 by 12 European governments. It was a provincial council.

Cern Image

Cern Image

Facts about Cern 7: the change of the name

In 1954, the name of the organization was changed into Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire which means European Organization for Nuclear Research. The provincial council was dismissed, but the acronym is still used to refer to the new laboratory.

Facts about Cern 8: the first president of Cern

Sir Benjamin Lockspeiser is the first president of Cern. Get facts about CAFOD here.

Cern Facts

Cern Facts

Facts about Cern 9: the general secretary of CERN

The general secretary of CERN during the beginning of stages of Cern was Edoardo Amaldi.

Facts about Cern 10: the scientific achievements

In 2010, 38 atoms of antihydrogen were isolated. PS210 experiment which resulted the first creation of antihydrogen atoms was conducted in Cern in 1995.

Cern Laboratory

Cern Laboratory

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