10 Facts about Cesar Chavez

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Facts about Cesar Chavez present the interesting information about the American labor leader. People also recognize him as a civil right activist. He was born on 31 March 1927 as César Estrada Chavez and died on 23 April 1993. National Farm Workers Association was established by Chaves and Dolores Huerta. Then the name of the organization was revised as United Farm Workers union or UFW. Here are other interesting facts about Cesar Chaves to note:

Facts about Cesar Chavez 1: the fame

Chavez is considered as the most famous Latino American civil right activist. He was born Mexican American. The American labor movement tried to gain more Hispanic members inside this organization. Therefore, Chavez was highly promoted as the icon.

Facts about Cesar Chavez 2: the public relation approach

Chavez used the aggressive tactics and unionism to embrace all the farm workers. He could receive the support from the nation due to his non violent tactics.

Cesar Chavez Image

Cesar Chavez Image

Facts about Cesar Chavez 3: the growth of UFW

UFW grew in 1970s since Chavez’s tactics were widely recognized by the people. There were 50,000 field workers who lived in Florida and California as the members of UFW.

Facts about Cesar Chavez 4: the decline

UFW declined and only had 15,000 members in the mid 1980s.

Facts about Cesar Chavez

Facts about Cesar Chavez

Facts about Cesar Chavez 5: Colegio Cesar Chavez

Colegio Cesar Chavez is one of the few institutions named after Cesar Chavez when he was alive.

Facts about Cesar Chavez 6: the death of Cesar Chavez

After the death of Cesar Chavez in 1993, there are many parks, streets and schools named in his honor. Now he is considered as a prominent figure in the Latino community.

Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez

Facts about Cesar Chavez 7: Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day is considered as the state holiday in Colorado, California and Texas. It is commemorated on 31 March based on his birthday. Check facts about American history here.

Facts about Cesar Chavez 8: the family life

He was born from a Mexican American family. His father was Librado Chávez, his mother was Juana Estrada.

Cesar Chavez Picture

Cesar Chavez Picture

Facts about Cesar Chavez 9: the hardship

When the family lived in California, they experienced hardship. During the fall, the family picked the cotton, while in the summer they picked grapes and corns. Get facts about American civil right here.

Facts about Cesar Chavez 10: the death

On 23 April 1993, he died in his rental apartment in San Luis, Arizona. His burial is at National Chavez Center. National Museum of American History received the black nylon union jacket from the donation of Helen Chavez after his death. She was the widow of Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez Activist

Cesar Chavez Activist

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