10 Facts about Cesium

Monday, November 16th 2015. | Chemistry

Facts about Cesium talk about the chemical element that people also call caesium. In the periodic table of element, it has the atomic number at 55 and the symbol Cs. The melting point is 82 degree F or 28 degree C. This alkali metal has the silver gold color. It has soft texture. When it is kept in the room temperature, cesium is in liquid condition. Let’s find out other interesting facts about cesium below:

Facts about Cesium 1: the alkali metal

As I have stated before, Cesium is included in alkali metal group.  It has similarities with potassium and rubidium based on the chemical and physical properties.

Facts about Cesium 2: the highly reactive cesium

Cesium is very reactive. Even though it is in the temperature at -177 degree F or -116 degree C, it will react with water.

Cesium Facts

Cesium Facts

Facts about Cesium 3: the stable isotope

The only stable isotope of Cesium is cesium-133. Cesium-137 is the radioisotope.

Facts about Cesium 4: how to get cesium

The people can earn cesium from pollucite. The nuclear reactors will generate cesium as the waste product.

Facts about Cesium

Facts about Cesium

Facts about Cesium 5: who discovered cesium?

In 1860, cesium was discovered by physicist Gustav Kirchhoff and chemist Robert Bunsen.

Facts about Cesium 6: the primary usage of cesium

The prominent usage of cesium is to create the accurate atomic clocks. The people can drill fluid by using the cesium formate. Now it is also used in chemistry, electronics and electricity. Find facts about cerium here.



Facts about Cesium 7: the usage of caesium-137

As I have stated before, caesium-137 is extracted from the waste of nuclear reactor.  It is not thrown out by the people for cesium-137 can be used in hydrology, industrial gauges and medical applications. Even though this alkali metal is useful, it can affect the health of the people if the radioisotopes release to the surroundings. The metal form is considered as a hazardous material, while the element is mildly toxic.

Facts about Cesium 8: the texture of cesium

Cesium is a pale metal. It has the very ductile and soft texture. If you check the hardness based on Mohs scale, it is rated at 0.2 Mohs. Compared to all elements, it has the lowest hardness.

Cesium Pic

Cesium Pic

Facts about Cesium 9: the melting point

The melting point of cesium is 83.1 degree F and 28.4 degree C. The boiling point of cesium is 1,186 degree F or 641 degree C. Get facts about carbon here.

Facts about Cesium 10: the name

The name cesium was taken from caesius. It is a Latin word which means sky blue.

Cesium Image

Cesium Image

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