10 Facts about Charles Demuth

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Let me show you the information about the notable American watercolorist on Facts about Charles Demuth. Demuth was born on 8th November 1883 and died on 23rd October 1935. His full name is Charles Henry Buckius Demuth. Precisionism is used to call a painting style ascribed to Demuth. Later in his career, he used oil to create paintings.

Facts about Charles Demuth 1: the beautiful artworks

Demuth is always known as one of the amazing American painters who created beautiful watercolored paintings.

Facts about Charles Demuth 2: the scene in his paintings

There were various paintings of Demuth which depicted the beautiful watercolors of fruits, flowers and vegetables. He combined with Cubist abstraction and botanical theme in his works.

Charles Demuth Facts

Charles Demuth Facts

Facts about Charles Demuth 3: the place of living

Demuth liked to live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the rest of his life. Now the house is transformed into Demuth Museum. In the past, he lived in the house with his mother.

Facts about Charles Demuth 4: education of Demuth

Let’s find out the education of Demuth. He was educated at Drexel University and Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts after he attended Franklin & Marshall Academy.

Charles Demuth Image

Charles Demuth Image

Facts about Charles Demuth 5: Demuth and William Carlos

Demuth and William Carlos were best friends after both met at the boarding house of Demuth. Demuth was a participant in a show at the Academy when he was a PAFA’s student.

Facts about Charles Demuth 6: an avant garde art scene

Demuth contributed to the avant garde art scene when he was in Paris to attend Académie Colarossi and Académie Julian. Check facts about David Oliveira here.

Charles Demuth

Charles Demuth

Facts about Charles Demuth 7: personal life

Demuth admitted to be a homosexual and he was accepted by the art community in Paris.

Facts about Charles Demuth 8: returning to America

Many of Demuth’s works presented cubism after he returned to America. His family had a tobacco shop in Lancaster. He remained in town for the rest of his life. Get facts about David Shepherd here.

Charles Demuth Portrait

Charles Demuth Portrait

Facts about Charles Demuth 9: diabetes

Demuth had diabetes. He was one of the first American people who got insulin. Demuth had to use a cane because he probably had tuberculosis or polio on the hip.

Facts about Charles Demuth 10: a homosexual relationship

Demuth and Robert Evans Locher had a homosexual relationship. Locher worked as a stage designer and art décor interior decorator.

Facts about Charles Demuth

Facts about Charles Demuth

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