10 Facts about Charles Dickens

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Facts about Charles Dickens talk about the famous English author and social critic. He was born on 7 February 1812 with the full name Charles John Huffam Dickens. He died on 9 June 1870. Until this present day, he earns the reputation as a greatest writer from the Victorian era. His fictional characters in the novels are very popular. Check other interesting facts about Charles Dickens below:

Facts about Charles Dickens 1: the popularity of his novels

His novels enjoy an everlasting popularity. Until this present day, people still read Dickens’ novels. There is no need to wonder that Dickens is called as a literary genius.

Facts about Charles Dickens 2: the early life

Let’s talk the early life of Dickens. If you think that he came from a rich family, you are wrong.  Dickens’ father was in a debtors’ prison. Therefore, the young Dickens had to work in a factory and left school.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Facts about Charles Dickens 3: the formal education

Since he left school, Dickens only received a little formal education. He had written 15 novels, hundreds of non fictions articles and short stories, and five novellas. He had spent 20 years to edit weekly journals.

Facts about Charles Dickens 4: the campaigns

Dickens was concerned with the social reforms. There is no need to wonder that he had campaigns for education and right of children.

Facts about Charles Dickens

Facts about Charles Dickens

Facts about Charles Dickens 5: The Pickwick Papers

The Pickwick Papers is the publication which made Dickens earned critical acclaim.  He was very popular after the publication. He was famous due to his satire and humor.

Facts about Charles Dickens 6: the published novels

The novel in the Victorian era was published during the weekly or even monthly installment.  The novels of Dickens were published in such a mode too.

Charles Dickens Facts

Charles Dickens Facts

Facts about Charles Dickens 7: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is one of his famous novellas. It was published in 1843. Find facts about Charles Darwin here.

Facts about Charles Dickens 8: the setting

Most novels of Dickens depicted the condition of the beginning of Victorian London. You can see the images in Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.

Charles Dickens Image

Charles Dickens Image

Facts about Charles Dickens 9: the historical fiction

If you are interested to read the best known work of Dickens’ historical fiction, you need to check A Tale of Two City. The novel was published in 1859. The setting was in Paris and London. Get facts about Bret Harte here.

Facts about Charles Dickens 10: the themes of Dickens’ novels

The novels of Dickens are characterized with its social criticism, unique characters, prose style, realism and comedy.

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

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