10 Facts about Charles Goodnight

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Facts about Charles Goodnight tell you about the famous rancher in Texas.  He was known as the American cattle rancher. People also recognize him as Charlie Goodnight. He was born on 5 March 1836 in Macoupin County, Illinois and died on 12 December 1929. Another nickname of Goodnight is the father of Texas Panhandle. Check other interesting facts about Charles Goodnight:

Facts about Charles Goodnight 1: the parents

His parents were the former Charlotte Collier and Charles Goodnight. In the family, Charles was the 4th child. The location of the grave of his father is in Bunker Hill, Illinois. Find facts about Charles Babbage here.

Facts about Charles Goodnight 2: moving to Texas

In 1846, Goodnight along with his mother and stepfather decided to relocate to Texas.

Charles Goodnight Facts

Charles Goodnight Facts

Facts about Charles Goodnight 3: a cowboy

Goodnight was a cowboy in 1856. He considered Comanche raiders as the enemy for he fought them with the local militia. Then he was included as a member of Texas rangers in 1857.

Facts about Charles Goodnight 4: during the civil war

Goodnight was a member of the Confederate states army when the civil war broke out.  His job was mostly centered to focus on the Indian raid. Find facts about American Civil War here.

Facts about Charles Goodnight

Facts about Charles Goodnight

Facts about Charles Goodnight 5: after the war

After the civil war ended, Goodnight spent most of the time to herd the feral Texas Longhorn cattle.

Facts about Charles Goodnight 6: Goodnight-Loving Trail

Goodnight-Loving Trail is very famous.  The name was taken after Goodnight and Oliver Loving drove the first herd of cattle in 1866.

Charles Goodnight Pic

Charles Goodnight Pic

Facts about Charles Goodnight 7: chuckwagon

Goodnight was also an inventor since he created chuckwagon. To drive the cattle, he used this chuckwagon. Loving and Goodnight decided to have a partnership with John Chisum. He was a New Mexico Cattleman.

Facts about Charles Goodnight 8: the extended trail

The trail was extended to reach different parts of the states. The trail of Goodnight and Loving was extended to Fort Summer, New Mexico from Belknap, Texas. The trail of Goodnight and Chisum was extended to Colorado and Wyoming from New Mexico.

Charles Goodnight

Charles Goodnight

Facts about Charles Goodnight 9: the death of Loving

Loving and Goodnight were only partners. Both were close friends. Goodnight accompanied him for two weeks before Loving passed away. After the death of his best friend, he had his photograph in his pocket.

Facts about Charles Goodnight 10: raising bison

Goodnight not only raised cattle, but also bison. There were a herd of native plains bison that he preserved in 1876.

Charles Goodnight image

Charles Goodnight image

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