10 Facts about Charles Goodyear

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Facts about Charles Goodyear present the information about the famous manufacturing engineer and self taught chemist from America. He was famous with his development of vulcanized rubber. On 15 June 1844, he earned the patent for his vulcanized rubber from United States Patent office number 3633. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Charles Goodyear:

Facts about Charles Goodyear 1: the life of Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear was born on 18 December 1800 in New Haven, Connecticut. He died on 1 July 1860. There were six kids in the family and he was the first one.

Facts about Charles Goodyear 2: father of Charles Goodyear

His father was Amasa Goodyear. Do you know that his father was descendant of one of the founders of New Haven Colony? His name was Stephen Goodyear. He came from London, Middlesex, England.

Charles Goodyear Facts

Charles Goodyear Facts

Facts about Charles Goodyear 3: the invention of the vulcanized rubber

The person who took the credit for the invention of the vulcanized rubber is Goodyear. However, the usage of the stabilized rubber for balls actually was already used by the Mesoamericans in 1600 BC.

Facts about Charles Goodyear 4: the vulcanization process

The vulcanization process was discovered by Goodyear. He spent around five years to look for the stable rubber.

Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear

Facts about Charles Goodyear 5: leaving the house

He decided to leave the house and lived in Philadelphia in 1814. He was interested to learn the hardware business.

Facts about Charles Goodyear 6: the return

He decided to return to Connecticut after he worked in the industry. His father had a business in Naugatuck, Connecticut. He had a partnership with him.  The business involved the manufacturing of metal buttons and agriculture implements.

Charles Goodyear Pic

Charles Goodyear Pic

Facts about Charles Goodyear 7: the first item that he made

Shoes were the first item that Goodyear made. His wife and children helped him to grind, calendar and vulcanize the rubber. Check Carl Rogers facts here.

Facts about Charles Goodyear 8: the compounds during the process of invention

When he made the shoes from rubber, his compounds included lampblack, India rubber and magnesia.

Facts about Charles Goodyear

Facts about Charles Goodyear


Facts about Charles Goodyear 9: the famous products

Today, Goodyear is always associated with the company which produced rubbers for shoes or even tires. Get facts about Charles Booth here.

Facts about Charles Goodyear 10: death

On 1 July 1860, Goodyear died. His daughter was dying and Goodyear wanted to see her.  He was informed that his daughter had died when he arrived in New York. It made him collapsed.

Charles Goodyear Inventor

Charles Goodyear Inventor

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